Zimbos flood SA refugee centre

via Zimbos flood SA refugee centre | The Zimbabwean by Mkhululi Chimoio

There has been an influx of Zimbabwean refugees at the Musina Compassion Refugee Centre, according to patron, Pastor Simon Sithole.

Pastor Simon Sithole said the centre cannot cope with the influx of refugees.

Situated just 15km from the border post, Musina Compassion Refugee Centre is a haven of hope for refugees from across the African continent.

“There is an increase in the number of Zimbabweans claiming to be victimised for voting for the MDC,” Sithole said. “Very few of them are wounded but a lot seem to be traumatised and we have to arrange counselling for them. We need support to manage these escalating numbers because now we have more than 8,000 Zimbabweans at the centre and most of them are sleeping in the open.”

Analyst Masimba Dube said Zimbabweans should not rely on the international community for their safety.

“African Union and SADC have proved to be useless in solving human rights abuses perpetrated against vulnerable citizens by Zanu (PF) and its security chiefs. We all know there is a big problem in the country and we must come under one umbrella and fight for a better country and stop seeking refuge from countries where we are not wanted.”



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    mbimbirimani 9 years ago

    How long and many more years are we going to be wanderers in this world, Mwari wangu, nkosi yami,am sick of being a foreigner in other lands seeking survival

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      Diego Zhaba 9 years ago

      @Mbimbirimani I agree with you, I’m just tired of this situation. Can’t put resources to real good use. It’s worse of when abuses are being perpetrated by your own.

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    muchoni 9 years ago

    我家里生病的,wo jia li sheng bing de,it means I am homesick ,whoever thought I would ever write these complicated characters,nhamo.Thanks but no, please deliver on your promises and get the economy run well and we will come home.

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    NANSI LENDODA 9 years ago

    Sithole is at it with his NGO handlers in Musina. The NGO funds Sithole and his church and a church going by the name Concern Zimbabwe. The give Zimbos free medical treatment (which is ok) but will send them to the so called Refugee Centre for further monitoring and overnight accommodation.

    For one to be given better treatment and transport money to Joburg/Cape Town/Durban one has to give a credible story on why the y left Zim. Once one says he ran away from Zanu PF, transport money, HIV testing, councelling, transport cash etc is made available. The will even call your relatives in RSA etc and keep in contact.