JUST IN: Mamombe undergoing treatment

Source: JUST IN: Mamombe undergoing treatment | The Herald

JUST IN: Mamombe undergoing treatment
Joana Mamombe

Nyore Madzianike Senior Court Reporter

MDC-Alliance member Joana Mamombe is now undergoing treatment following medical tests to ascertain her mental condition, her lawyer has revealed.

Mamombe’s lawyer Mr Alec Muchadehama today told the court that the recalled Harare North legislator was taking medication following recommendations from the doctors who examined her.

Mr Muchadehama revealed the development after the State led by Mr Michael Reza rejected a medical affidavit bearing results of tests obtained from Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals Annex Department saying it was obtained against the initial court order.

Mr Reza said the court initially ordered that Mamombe be examined under the supervision of Harare Remand Prison authorities not at Annex.

He, therefore, made an application to have her examined by another Government doctor under supervision by Harare Remand Prison.

So far, Mamombe was examined by one doctor under the Harare Remand Prison.

“Thereafter, accused was granted bail by the High Court through an urgent chamber application and was released from remand but at that time, she was seen by one doctor in compliance with an order.

“She must be seen by another doctor under the supervision of the Remand Prison authorities. He (Mr Muchadehama) took the accused to Annex at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. This is not what the order said but said under supervision of Harare Remand Prison. We now have two medical affidavits but not obtained under the conditions stipulated by the judge or this court. We apply that the accused be examined under the supervision of Harare Remand Prison,” said Mr Reza.

In his response, Mr Muchadehama said he took Mamombe to Annex Department at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals as per arrangements made by authorities at Remand Prison.

He argued that there were no medical doctors are Remand Prison and authorities there take inmates to Parirenyatwa following prior arrangements.

“When she was released, she was due for examination on October 7. It was not coincidence but was simply following arrangements made by the Prisons. We were simply implementing what was there. She is already under treatment and the examination requested by State will interfere with her treatment,” he said.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Mrs Bianca Makwande is expected to make a ruling on Tuesday next week


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    Speedy recovery. Saw a recall that is happening in a hurry, in a way that stigmatizes mental illness. Others have been sick with other diseases for longer and still retained their positions. It however seems some believe this is permanent, irreversible and warrants loss of everything she has been aspiring to become, even so early in the treatment cycle. It cannot be worse for anyone in a situation of illness. There are those not yet blind who behave like they know they will never be blind all their lives.