Masvingo man caged 27 years for rape

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Masvingo man caged 27 years for rape

Faith Duri in Masvingo

A Masvingo man has been caged for an effective 27 years behind bars for raping his two teenage daughters several times some time last year.

Masvingo regional magistrate Mr Bishard Chineka initially slapped Kurauone Machinda (32) of Village 19 in Mukosi resettlement area to 32 years behind bars for the offence before he was conditionally suspended five years of the sentence.

Machinda raped his two daughters aged 17 and 13 between June and July last year after threatening to kill them together with his wife who tried to stop him from executing the abuse.

Senior prosecutor Mr Liberty Hove said Machinda did not use protection when he raped his daughters.

When he raped his eldest daughter, Machinda sneaked into her blankets at night sometime in June last year while she was sleeping alone and raped her after threatening to kill her if she screamed.

He spent the whole night in his daughter’s bedroom raping her. He beat up his wife severely the next day after she confronted her over the offence.

With nowhere to hide, Machinda’s eldest daughter fled home and secured a job as a domestic worker in the Nyajena area.

A month later, a preying Machinda returned home from a beer drink at night and went straight into his 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom and tried to get into her blankets.

The teenage daughter bolted out of the room and sought refuge in her mother’s bedroom.

Unperturbed, Machinda followed the girl and pulled her out of the bedroom after locking his wife inside.

He then proceeded to rape his teenage daughter the whole night after dragging her back into her bedroom.

A report was made to police at Gunikuni leading to Machinda’s arrest for raping his two daughters.

Medical examination records produced in court proved there was penetration.