Mind your own business Cde Mwonzora 

DEAR Douglas Mwonzora,

Source: Mind your own business Cde Mwonzora – The Zimbabwean


The fact that you bagged the MDC-T presidency through dubious means does not mean you should dictate your point of view to us (MDC Alliance family).

I can easily see that you are a victim of the new whistle. Please keep that whistle to yourself. Don’t bother us.

You left the MDC Alliance family calling us names. What has changed now to make you extend your tentacles to MDC Alliance?

People are not fools my friend. They are not blind to the extent of failing to differentiate a person riding on a white horse and the one riding on a black hyena.

You have scored and that score should be for you and your team, not MDC Alliance. Our time shall come.

It surprised us all at the MDC Alliance to hear you saying Nelson Chamisa is free to join you.

The MDC Alliance family members are watching your moves. Now that you are on top of a mountain in a desert, we can clearly see you.

Could you please mind your own business and leave Chamisa alone. Time shall come to separate wheat from chaff. Don’t worry about MDC Alliance, Mwonzora. Think of how best you are going to drive that wheelless bus.

We will never leave Chamisa for you.

Alliance for ever