Mnangagwa regime’s ruination of Zimbabweans’ lives overshadows any ‘good’ being done in country!

Source: Mnangagwa regime’s ruination of Zimbabweans’ lives overshadows any ‘good’ being done in country!

How many people have been in romantic relationships that became toxic, and irretrievably broken down – such that this resulted in the painful termination of these unions?

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


What could have been the causes of these problems – leading to the break up of what were, otherwise enviable relationships, in their better days?

Perhaps, infidelity, or financial difficulties and even irresponsibility, or abuse by one partner upon the other?

I am quite sure we have either been involved in such unions, or know of people who were.

Who can deny that whatever terrible and ghastly experiences that occurred during the subsistence of these relationships were so tragic and horrible – resulting in their tragic dissolution – that they caused immense trauma, which haunted largely the aggrieved party for weeks, months, and even years to come?

Maybe, one partner repeatedly cheated on the other, or brutally battered the other, or emotionally tormented the other.

This reached such intolerable deplorable levels, such that there was no saving the relationships – and, there was no other option, but to end it all.

As a consequent of the traumatic incidents experienced in these relationships, at the hands of their partners – how many of those horrendously affected have had anything ‘good’ or ‘positive’ to say about these people who caused them so much pain and suffering?

Surely, there were several, or even numerous, ‘good’ and ‘positive’ things that their abusive and unfaithful partners did in their relationship.

Maybe, these abusive and untrustworthy partners could have been ‘romantic and caring’ when the situation suited them, ensured the family was well provided for, and adequately met their children’s educational needs.

Yet, all these ‘positives’ were understandably easily overlooked, forgotten and overshadowed by the ‘negatives’?


Well, because the unbearable anguish and torment endured at the hands of the partner’s savage brutality and unwillingness to be faithful was just too much – and, the resultant effects far outweighed any of these supposed ‘positives’?

Is that not why most people have ended previous relationships?

Why did they not simply ‘focus on the good and positive’ – rather than being ‘negative all the time’?

What stopped them from simply ignoring all the barbaric violence, tormenting and promiscuity by their partners – and, only saw what was ‘good’?

Of course, normal human reaction to pain and suffering is that, these take precedence over any ‘comfort and good’ – thereby, influencing our thought processes and decision-making far more than any other considerations.

It is, then, most baffling and perplexing when I receive messages (as few as they may be) questioning why I never write anything ‘positive’ about the government of Zimbabwe, and the ‘good work’ they are doing.

Indeed, denying that there is some ‘good and positive’ developments taking place in the country – especially, after the onset of the so-called ‘new dispensation’, led by President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa – would be the height of disingenuousness and hypocrisy.

For starters, the swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic was outstanding – with the speedy imposition of a strict lockdown, enforcement of preventative regulations, and rolling out of vaccines.

Even just a day ago, I came across medical personnel visiting a nearby primary school for what I assumed was a vaccination program, in the face of a nationwide measles outbreak – that has claimed the lives of hundreds of children.

Major roads in our country have been undergoing major face-lift – as much as this is mainly only rehabilitation work of colonial roads, in the absence of the construction of completely new world-class ones.

The country’s industrial base has, to some extent, been revitalized – with locally manufactured goods reclaiming their dominance on our supermarket shelves – buttressed by the establishment of new investments in several sectors of our economy.

In so doing, thousands of jobs have been created, and many more promised – as these companies continue to grow and expand their operations.

Nonetheless, all these commendable efforts easily come to naught – in the face of thousands of Zimbabweans needlessly losing their lives, due to a failure to access adequate medical treatment in their own public institutions.

What meaning is there in having rehabilitated roads, when the vast majority of citizens do not have the means to travel on them – on account of unaffordable fuel costs for their private vehicles, or prohibitive public transport fares, or even an inability to purchase their own cars?

Where is the joy of being employed derived, when over 80 percent of workers earn far below the poverty datum line – as the cost of living continues to soar, leaving behind most Zimbabweans unable to afford the most basic of necessities (including, those locally produced)?

What ‘good and positive’ is there when nearly half the population (7.1 million) live in extreme poverty, on less than US$1.90 a day – and, pensioners are awarded an average paltry US$10 a month?

The consumer basket for a family of five in July was at ZW$140,000 – yet the lowest paid civil servant receiving ZW$35,000 per month – exactly what ‘positives’ are there for them?

Right now, inflation has hit the 257 percent mark (although, acclaimed scholars place it at twice that figure, with prices skyrocketing nearly on a daily basis) and the local currency falling to a staggering ZW$800 to the greenback, on the widely used and quoted parallel market.

Therefore, please excuse most of us should we only focus on the ‘negatives’ in Zimbabwe – since we are enduring the brunt of the Mnangagwa regime’s mismanagement of the economy, and its high propensity for looting and plundering our nation resources, for their own self-enrichment.

Why should we not feel extremely aggrieved when those in power, or aligned to them, appear to be the only ones enjoying these ‘positives’ – as they live in opulence and comfort, on their ill-gotten wealth, whilst the rest of us wallow in poverty?

Yet, when some amongst us speak up against all these heinous injustices – they are either mercilessly and violently attacked, or arrested on tramped up charges (with never any convictions, and trials seldom getting off the ground, whilst continuously denied their constitutional right to bail).

Frankly speaking, there is nothing I would love more than to celebrate the ‘good and positive’ in our country – since that will also give me joy, and uplift my spirits and those of fellow compatriots.

In fact, I would not care less who was in power in Zimbabwe – which is why I am not even aligned (whether as a member, supporter or sympathizer) with any opposition political party – as long as they genuinely place the interests of Zimbabweans ahead of themselves.

If Mnangagwa and ZANU PF were truly serving the citizenry, and meaningfully improving our lives and livelihoods – I would have never hesitated backing their efforts.

Nonetheless, as with the individual in the toxic and brutal relationship mentioned earlier – the agonizing torment and anguish far outweigh any ‘good and positives’ that the abusive partner may have done.

Whatever commendable work that the Mnangagwa administration has done, and is doing, is easily overshadowed by its reprehensible evils and subjugation upon the people of Zimbabwe.

We feel the pain and suffering each waking moment – as every day is a battle for survival, largely on things that even citizens of other ‘developing countries’ take for granted, such as food to eat, a roof over our heads, school fees for our children, electricity and water in our homes, and medical care when not feeling well.

So, surely, what else can I write about, in the midst of such horrific experiences?

As the situation currently prevails in Zimbabwe – it cannot be denied that the ordinary citizenry’s relationship with the Mnangagwa regime has irretrievably broken down.

  • Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, researcher, and social commentator. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp/Call: +263715667700 / +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263788897936, or email: