Mugabe, Grace saved me: Moyo 

Source: Mugabe, Grace saved me: Moyo – DailyNews Live

Bridget Mananavire      18 December 2017

HARARE – Former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo has
revealed that he was saved by former president Robert Mugabe and his wife
Grace as the army bayed for his blood.

Taking to his favourite Twitter account, Moyo posted pictures of his
Borrowdale mansion whose floors were blood-stained.

He wrote: “Special thanks to president Mugabe and Amai Dr Mugabe for
saving us when the Junta tried to kill us on 15 Nov“.

This was in reference to the day the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) stepped
in to arrest “criminals” around Mugabe. Moyo, along with former Local
Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and his Finance counterpart
Ignatius Chombo are viewed by the new Emmerson Mnangagwa government as the
worst “criminals” around Mugabe that must be brought to book.

Chombo is currently out on bail, facing charges of criminal abuse of

In his latest post, Moyo bade his Twitter followers goodbye, claiming a
major project that he is working on will keep him away from the micro
blogging site.

“I’ve major offline work to do away from online streets. Thanks for your
prayers. Kwaheri. I’ll be back, not in three weeks & not to do a coup or
any violence. Asante sana (thank you)!” Moyo tweeted.

Kwaheri is a Swahili word which means “go well”.

The word was popularised in Zimbabwe by one Nathaniel Manheru, a shadowy
columnist who used to write in one of the State-owned dailies.

The writer of the column was recently revealed to be George Charamba, the
permanent secretary in the ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting

Moyo has been active on social media since he went into self-imposed
exile, criticising the way Mugabe was forced out, including his subsequent
replacement with Mnangagwa.

“What would you do if you and your family survived a 2am, 15 minute ZDF
attack on your house with seven children one of them 12 years old, by 25
SAS snipers with semi-automatic weapons; randomly firing tracer bullets
and stun grenades? Is this the New Justice? New Dawn? New Era? New Zim?”
reads an earlier Twitter post by Moyo.

During the military operation, several Zanu PF officials perceived as
allies of Mugabe were captured, including Chombo.

Moyo, Kasukuwere and Chombo’s homes were riddled with damages from

Human rights defenders have raised concerns over the conduct by the army
in certain instances during Operation Restore Legacy saying it was out of
sync with the upholding of human rights.

There has been speculation during the military takeover that Moyo and
Kasukuwere had to seek refuge at the Mugabes’ blue roof mansion in

Pictures of the two in a plane surfaced as Mugabe resigned, with
suspicions that the release of the two might have been part of the
93-year-old’s exit agreement.


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    They should have decapitated your head in fact. I pray one day I will do that to you.

    • comment-avatar
      Ndonga 5 years ago

      Knowledge, while your anger is understandable, I believe that there has been more than enough decapitating in the past under Mugabe’s 37 long years. I think that we have all seen in Zimbabwe that war and violence solves nothing.

      So please accept that war and violence solves nothing, because at the end of it all we as a nation have still got to sit together and solve our problems.

      When Jonathan Moyo writes, “Special thanks to president Mugabe and Amai Dr Mugabe for saving us when the Junta tried to kill us on 15 Nov”, you must picture the situation in your mind and have a good laugh.

      There was Prof Jonathan, and his best, best friend TwoBoy Saviour, hiding behind Grace’s skirts from the soldiers, while Mugabe looks on in horror having no idea what is happening.

      Finally he starts to shout, “Grace Dear call the army for help”. She then has to break the bad news to him that the army is already there in their lounge, in the middle of an anti Mugabe coup, led by them!

      When Jonathan and Saviour realise that their Grace Game is up they immediately make a cosy deal with the army to leave for Kenya on the first available airliner. (Not from Air Zim/Zim Air of course, as mother to be Bona, and her husband have already grabbed its last airliner to flee to Malaya)

      And finally, to win some lost face, Jonathan starts praising the Mugabes’ bravery from a far away place. A very safe far away place…

      So please leave Jonathan’s neck alone…and have a mug of sweet hot tea instead.