Mujuru, Canada congratulate ED 

Mujuru, Canada congratulate ED 

Source: Mujuru, Canada congratulate ED | The Herald August 29, 2018

Mujuru, Canada congratulate EDJoice Mujuru -People’s Rainbow Coalition

Felex Share Senior Reporter
People’S Rainbow Coalition (PRC) losing presidential candidate Dr Joice Mujuru yesterday joined other opposition parties and leaders in congratulating President Mnangagwa on his election victory. She said it was now time for all patriotic Zimbabweans to speak with one voice for the development of the country.

Dr Mujuru, one of the 23 presidential candidates who participated in the July 30 polls, wished President Mnangagwa and his administration well in their efforts to rebuild the economy.

In her congratulatory message, Dr Mujuru said: “Noting that the elections have come and gone, the court challenge has come and gone and the inauguration of the new President of Zimbabwe has also come and gone; realising that the people of Zimbabwe are looking forward to the betterment of their lives after long years of suffering and neglect; acknowledging the difficulty task of reviving the depressed economy characterised by dilapidated infrastructure, closed industries, liquidity crunch, poverty, inequality and joblessness among other ills; believing that we all want the best for Zimbabwe, I, as the presidential candidate of PRC, and on behalf of the entire PRC family, while noting that the elections were generally free though not necessarily fair, hereby pass my congratulatory message to His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa.

“It is unfortunate that due to circumstances beyond my control I could not join him on his inauguration. However, congratulations, Amhlope, Makorokoto to him, his family and his team.”

“We wish him well in his endeavours to rebuild the economy and bring about the much needed jobs for the young generation,” she said.

“Above all, we pray for peace, stability and prosperity for our mother-fatherland.”
This came as Canada yesterday urged political actors in the country to respect the outcome of the Constitutional Court and promote peace in responding to the verdict.

“Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court has rendered its decision on the merits of a challenge to the conduct and results of the July 30 election decision confirming Emmerson Mnangagwa as the winner of the Presidential election,” Canada said in a statement.

“We commend all actors for their decision to put forward their differing positions in a peaceful manner, respecting the Zimbabwean Constitution and the rule of law. We hope they promote calm and restraint in responding to the verdict.

“We also take note of calls for dialogue to promote peace such as from the Zimbabwe Council of Churches. All political parties campaigned on platforms which acknowledged the need for a processes of ongoing reform including political, electoral, human rights and economic,” the North American country said.