Mupfumira has two passports, UK houses

Source: Mupfumira has two passports, UK houses | The Herald August 3, 2019

Mupfumira has two passports, UK houses
Prisca Mupfumira

Nyore Madzianike Senior Reporter
Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Prisca Mupfumira is a flight risk who holds two passports and has properties in the United Kingdom, a High Court judge heard.

Mupfumira, who was arrested by the recently-constituted Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), will spend the weekend in remand prison after Justice Erica Ndewere yesterday deferred her bail application to Monday.

Justice Ndewere postponed the matter to allow the State to call the investigating officer to give evidence during the bail application. Mupfumira is facing criminal abuse of public office charges involving US$95 million.

She was detained last week after the State invoked Section 32 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act, which allows it to seek the further detention of a suspect up to 21 days to conduct further investigations.

The State led by Mrs Sharon Fero challenged Mupfumira’s bail application at the High Court yesterday, arguing that there was already a certificate which was tendered to the Prosecutor-General that bars any court from entertaining her before the stipulated 21 days lapsed.

“An aggrieved part can only approach this court when an inferior court had made a determination in relation to bail,” said Mrs Fero.

“I submit that the magistrate did not entertain the issue of bail. He was never asked to make a determination. He did not refuse to grant the applicant bail, so, for that reason the appeal ought to be struck off the roll.”

Mrs Fero accused Mupfumira of trying to take her bail application to the High Court through the back door.

“This court has no right to hear a case which is being brought via the back door,” she said.

Mupfumira, through her lawyer Advocate Lewis Uriri, who is acting on the instructions of Mr Charles Chinyama, said they had a right to be heard, arguing that they were rightly before the court.

Justice Ndewere ruled that the court had jurisdiction to hear Mupfumira’s bail application.

The State then opposed that Mupfumira be granted bail, arguing that investigations into the matter were still in progress.

Mrs Fero said Mupfumira had two passports and properties in the United Kingdom, leaving room for her to abscond trial. She said there was need for the investigating officer to testify to that effect.

Adv Uriri denied that Mupfumira had properties in the United Kingdom, saying being a holder of two passports did not mean that she will not stand trial.

He said Mupfumira had once travelled out of the country late in July and returned with full knowledge of the allegations she is facing.

Justice Ndewere deferred the matter to Monday for continuation of the bail application where the investigating officer is expected to testify before the court.


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    Bodyera 3 years ago

    Even Mthuli Ncube has 2 passports and houses in South Africa and the UK. He continues to stay in hotel in Zimbabwe just like Mboko before him.

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    Mafirokureva 3 years ago

    Mthuli stole depositors’ funds at Barbican ran away and invested in RSA and UK. That is corruption at highest level. We expected that he would be arrested for such thievery. Insteaed, hwe was rewarded with an opportunity to steal some more from our people as a finance minister and perpetiuate the suffering of mankind. This LACOSTE/military regime has no iota of morality…and can not fool us by arresting some among themselves on the basis of factionalism. The leaders of this military/ LACOSTE conflation have been mentioned in UN reports as the plunderes and smugglers of diamonds in the DRC. This Cosleg gang imported their thieving skills into Zim when diamonds were discovered at Chiadzwa and looted 15bill. They lead the illegal gold mining in the midlands, with the Godfather of Gold smuggling masquerading today as a president, and his right hand man as a minister of State security! Quiet laughable! When we get serious about dealing with corruption, we must hit the head of corruption first…start with the Cosleg gang.

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    ace mukadota 3 years ago

    So this marujata speaks with forked tongue – typical ZANUPF theif and liar of note comrades