Mwonzora and company: you are prostituting the MDC Constitution – Tsvangirai must be turning in his grave 

Dear Senator Mwonzora and company,

Source: Mwonzora and company: you are prostituting the MDC Constitution – Tsvangirai must be turning in his grave – The Zimbabwean

According to the 2014 MDC Constitution, “Any amendment to this Constitution shall require approval by at least two-thirds of the delegates present and voting at Congress”. Surprisingly, I read screaming headlines variously titled. One headline read “Mwonzora amends constitution, readmits Bhebhe and Dorcas Sibanda”, while another read “MDC amends constitution, readmits Bhebhe and Dorcas Sibanda”.The world is aware that the Extra-Ordinary Congress held in December 2020 was an Extra-Ordinary Congress convened following a very controversial judgement, for the sole purpose to elect a replacement for the late Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai. That Extra-Ordinary Congress did not have the mandate to amend the constitution as an Extra-Ordinary Congress business is specific to the purpose to which it has been called for. Interestingly,  bogus National Executive Council met on 5 February 2020  “as an extension of the Extra Ordinary Congress” met on 5 or 6 February 2020 “to consider and resolve on a number of internally-focused issues”, among them to endorse some officials who can only be elected at Congress.

Douglas Mwonzora officially announced towards the Congress date that 3000 delegates had been verified to attend the Extra-Ordinary Congress. The slightly over 1000 participants, therefore, fell far short of the two-thirds majority that constitutionally makes a quorum.

The only constitutional thing these bogus leaders should have done, given that they are a creation of the Supreme Court Judgement which based its decisions on the constitution, was to call for another Extra-Ordinary Congress to endorse the inquorate Extra-Ordinary Congress, that is to endorse Douglas Mwonzora’s Presidency. So everything being done is bogus, and the people like Komichi, Mudzuri and others who claimed they were born again constitutionalists after the Supreme Court judgement should be ashamed of themselves for involving themselves in these unconstitutional moves which are certainly at variance with the Supreme Court ruling. Ladies and gentlemen, you are publicly and unashamedly defecating on the Supreme Court judgement, instead of adhering religiously to it to hide your greedy and ruthlessness.

Additionally, the bogus National Executive Council seem to have been so desperate for recognition that they lied that Abednico Bhebhe had begged to be readmitted back into their bogus, if media reports claiming that Abednico Bhebhe has distanced himself from the lies are anything to go by. The bogus Party may also have made false claims that the MDC Veterans Association had thrown their weight behind it.  Admittedly, there could a few individuals within the MDC Veterans who are loyal to the bogus leadership, but real MDC veterans know that the bogus leadership are prostituting the MDC Constitution for their selfish ends.

Three years after his death, Dr. Tsvangirai must be turning in his grave at the way these bogus constitutionalists are destroying what he took so long to build.

What the bogus leadership should be explaining to the taxpayers who fund political parties is why taxpayers’ money ended up being transferred into a Bell Petroleum Account number 15104045502014. Douglas Mwonzora tried to mislead by saying Chief Ndlovu had absconded from duty, that is why other signatories had to withdraw the money as Congress had to be held.

Some information obtained from close sources says Douglas Mwonzora’s campaign was funded by Zanu PF politicians, and that can not be denied given Victor Matemadanda’s public support for Douglas Mwonzora, and the quick endorsement of Douglas Mwonzora’s victory by Zanu PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and the placing of Mwonzora’s victory on the Zanu PF meeting agenda. This really sounds more like a Zanu PF project more than anything else.

It would appear that members of the so-called MDC-T National Executive are being used by Douglas Mwonzora to divert attention from the diversion of taxpayers’ funds into a private company’s bank account, and in my view, they are all helping obstruct the course of justice.

Seriously, can Zimbabweans be expected to trust a party that lies that Abednico Bhebhe has applied to be re-admitted to a party when he has not done so?