Mystery claypot disrupts traffic

Source: Mystery claypot disrupts traffic | The Herald

Mystery claypot disrupts traffic

Motorists rushing to work from Makoni in Chitungwiza to Harare city along Seke road were early this morning shocked and perplexed to find a new clay pot full of water placed in the middle of the city-bound lane in an area near Seke 2 High School.

All motorists curiously slowed down and drove around the clay pot. Passersby could be seen murmuring and taking long looks at the pot. It is suspected that the clay pot could have been placed in the road around midnight for ritual purposes.


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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 2 years ago

    Tokoloshe – simple explanation. Toko put it there to warn people that there will be big floods this year and to prepare. These happenings always have a meaning.

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    Zimbo1 2 years ago

    2020 and still believing in rituals……

    This is why we will always be behind the rest of the world!!!

    Either drive over it or get out and kick it to the side.

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    Dhuze Chitambara 2 years ago

    toally agree with you Zimbo1. Zimbabweans, inspite of their famed ” best educated people in Africa” label are still hopelessly stuck in Stone Age superstitious mumbo jumbo. They still consult the half-educated “maporofita” when tragedy or illness strikes and invite python-dangling and dragging super-conmen, called “tsikamutamba” to “cleanse” villages! Pure Dark Ages stuff. If I was driving all that road, I would kick that irritating clay pot to high heavens.