NetOne Data Bundles Expensive Than Flight To South Africa – Responses Tariff Hikes 

Source: NetOne Data Bundles Expensive Than Flight To South Africa – Responses Tariff Hikes – Pindula News

NetOne, the second-largest telecommunications company in Zimbabwe hiked Data, Voice and SMS bundle tariffs on the 25th of February 2022 by margins that shocked many.

Many wrote to the state-owned mobile network operator to check if there were no errors on NetOne’s platform. In response, NetOne would say:

Kindly note that the prices are as indicated on the *171#. Should there be any further developments, we will let you know. Thank you.

New NetOne tariffs are as follows:

  1. One-Fi – 10GB @ $16250
  2. One-Fi Plus – 25GB @ $41700 1400
  3. One-Fi Ultra – 50GB @$81400
  4. One-Fi Extreme – 80GB @ $99000

Valid for one month

In response, some NetOne customers said the new tariffs were outrageous as they were certainly beyond the reach of many Zimbabweans. Pindula News presents some of the responses posted on various social media platforms:

What in the world is this meant to achieve. To think that as a civil servant one earns an average of 25 000 wc means it’s not enough to buy 25gb.




It’s ABSOLUTE Madness!!!

Another one said:

Netone one is a rubbish entity not fit for purposes. People have been bombing them since morning but they’re mum. Surely their PR team must issue a statement to either stand with the pricing or clarify if its an error. But perhaps even they have no data to engage!

Another one said:

Interesting times in Zimbabwe… I have files of about 40 qig to send to South Africa … it’s now cheaper for me to fly to South Africa with hard Drive, leave my documents there and remain with change to do a, bit of shopping than to buy 50 gig NetOne data at $400 USD.

British Airways charges US$259 for a flight from Harare to Johannesburg.

Others suggested that it would be better to buy a King size bed at TV and Home Stores which cost about ZW$99 700.