New rules for Zim diplomats

Source: New rules for Zim diplomats | The Herald July 23, 2019

New rules for Zim diplomatsForeign Affairs and International Trade Minister Dr Sibusiso Moyo (centre) presents oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade in the august House yesterday. He is flanked by Special Advisor Ambassador Stuart Comberbach (left) and Acting Director Policy Research Mr Shepherd Gwenzi. — (Picture by Justin Mutenda)

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
The country’s diplomats serving at various missions will now have their performance measured in line with the Second Republic’s thrust of promoting economic diplomacy with those failing the test being recalled.

This was said by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Sibusiso Busi Moyo when he appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade yesterday.

“His Excellency (President Mnangagwa) will not just deploy, but he will ensure that he deploys ambassadors who have the same vision and thrust of economic diplomacy,” he said.

“We have taken time to train our ambassadors before deployment this time so that we actually reorient them and they have got specific targets and their targets are given like for every quarter how many tourists have come from your country of accreditation.

“We can count easily your performance, how many companies or investors have come from your country of accreditation and what new markets have you secured for this country.

“We can actually measure that so that we have a pro-forma which they fill to say this is what I have done and this is what I have not done and we can assess.

“If an ambassador cannot perform, the President has the prerogative to recall that ambassador so we prefer to have performing ambassadors.” Minister

Moyo said they were rationalising the country’s foreign missions to reflect the policy thrust of Government.

“The ministry is in the process of rationalising its foreign missions in order to correctly reflect the realities in the international community and most importantly the Second Republic’s thrust of engagement with everyone,” he said

“The rationalisation process includes but is not limited to closing down some sections where there is hardly any trade, opening new diplomatic missions and increasing staff at missions with multiple accreditation. The Government is in the process of opening three new diplomatic missions in Rwanda, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.”

He added that they would also introduce a ranking system for ambassadors where they would be paid according to their rank.

“We have decided to have what we call a rank of ambassadors. Instead of saying all ambassadors are the same, we rank them so that we can reduce the salaries of those who are ranked lower and that will create a saving in that regard and we believe it is a way to cut cost,” he said.

He added that they also wanted the foreign missions to coordinate Diaspora activities that he said had an important role to play in the development of the country.


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    Mukanya 3 years ago

    Given the high risk ranking of Zimbabwe, the new rules are scapegoat of failure in country where almost everything is impossible to get, save for corruption and the associated misrule.

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    Jonsina 3 years ago

    Tough times ahead, hmmm. The whole world looks like is heading for tough times, its not only us Zimbos. Kkk. To deflect from unsolvable problems- may I congratulate Boris Johnson for winning PMship. He is a plain speaking dealable-with great man. Dude, remember Zimba….

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    ace mukadota 3 years ago

    Don’t steal too much comrades – leave something for the people who come after you

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    Saddened 3 years ago

    So Diplomatic postings will no longer be jobs for mates? They will now actually have to do some work? Seems hardly fair….