Nikuv in Zimbabwe – earlier reports

via MUGABE ZIMBABWE ISRAEL | Cambridge Forecast Group Blog in April 2008

Israel helping the ruling parties in an  African country to rig Elections

Nikuv International Projects

This was not the first time that Nikuv — a subsidiary of Formula Systems, a publicly traded information technology group in Israel — was accused of helping the ruling parties in an African country to rig elections. In 1996, Zambia’s opposition party, the United National Independence Party, similarly accused the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy of trying to rig the elections with Nikuv’s help.

Ibbo Mandaza, a senior member of presidential candidate Simba Makoni’s campaign team, told Johannesburg’s newspaper Mail & Guardian that the Mossad devised the roll, on Mugabe’s instructions. Mossad agents, he alleged, had expertise in vote rigging and had been active in Zimbabwe for the past six months.


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    William 11 years ago

    Nikuv’s involvement in Zim elections had been criticized strongly. Y shld a country hire such a notorious org to just cling to pwer?Zimbabweans are being taken for a ride by Zanupf. The country is a mess in all departments,school,healthcare,security and food production. A change is what can make Zim a better place once again. Why should Zimbabweans do one thing over and over again and still come up with the same answer (suffering in the hands of Mugabe).

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      Taurai madzikanda 11 years ago

      Only God knows where we are heading my br.

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        jongwe power 11 years ago

        And by the looks of things, it’s God’s will that Zimbos spend another 5 years waiting for someone to magically appear and rescue them. Was Mbeki right when he said that we need to resolve our own issues? Absolutely.

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    Chiwaridzo 11 years ago

    Mossad and the Israelis are always close to the diamond trade, there is a link , more investigative reporting needs to done

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    Chokwadi 11 years ago

    Your opening sentence reads “Israel helps the ruling parties in an African country to rig elections”. This is simply not true as Nikuv, in your heading, is a private company operating from Israel but not an arm of the Israeli government. There are no facts in your story linking Nikuv to the government of Israel.

    Furthermore, the ruling government in Zimbabwe is friends with Israel’s enemies, i.e Iran and Palestine. Why would Israel help a government that supports its enemies?

    To the editors of Zimbabwe situation, thank you for your service to the Zimbabwean community. Please ensure we keep getting news from credible sources.

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    Richard 11 years ago

    look up Nikuv International, and see what that company does. They were recommended to Mugabe by Israeli agents that are involved in
    the diamond trade with Mugabe. Israeli bodyguards have been seen with Mugabe.It is in the Israel’s interest to keep Mugabe in power
    as long as there are diamonds, at whatever costs. When did you last
    hear Mugabe denounce Israel! The Zionist tirades he always shouted have not been heard since their involvement in the diamond deals.

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    Chiwaridzo 11 years ago

    Chokwadi , wipe the s*** out of your eyes, Nikuv is a front for Israeli intelligence therefore an arm of the Israeli Govt. Read the history and connect the dots…