Open letter to SA president Jacob Zuma

Dear President Zuma

You, the guarantor of our GPA, the AU and SADC have asked the Zimbabwean people to accept an election that is the biggest fraud in our history. I find it painful, also, that you found it fit to quench your own voice of truth in Madam Zulu.

You know very well the 2008 election was stolen, as was 2002 and most certainly 2013. If you want evidence, hundreds of thousands of us will give it to you – if not millions. I am only one of many and millions are far worse off than me. I fortunately kept my voters receipt from 2000 and have been forced to use that to vote every election as my name continuously disappears of the voter roll. We know that there is more than one voters roll and our voters roll is an absolute disgrace which Zanu (PF) has refused to sort out in a fair and open manner.

I have read the history of South Africa and I am heartbreakingly aware of the terrible atrocities that the apartheid government perpetrated on the people of South Africa. So you of all people should know better. And you ask the MDC to accede defeat? Never! Accede to a lie! Never! We feel that SADC, the AU and sadly, even yourself, are sacrificing the people of Zimbabwe on the altar of a terrible travesty of justice and to suit your purposes. And to prolong the life of a regime very few want.

We demand a totally new and transparent voters’ roll, new elections and for SADC and yourself to stand by your word and get the even playing fields you all promised the people of Zimbabwe. Every day I see the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans at the hands of Africa’s leaders who fail us so badly. We do not want revenge; we do not want retribution. All we want is a fair and free vote.

Name supplied to President Zuma, Harare

via Open letter to SA president Jacob Zuma | The Zimbabwean.


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    Feel deeply concerned about fraudulent done in Zimbabwe.Neighbouring countries are taking advantage gain cheap knowledge Zimbabweans.Why proper auditing is not done

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    Chiwaridzo 11 years ago

    Zuma was paid along with Obasanjo and Zuma’ s ex wife with diamond money from Mbada diamonds. Some investigative reporter needs to do an investigation on his company Liparm in the west towers of Sandton City , they will connect the dots to Nikuv as well

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    disgrantuled zim 11 years ago

    ZUMA wont’s say anything because he is an prospective beneficiary of the same trick come SA ELECTIONS.

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    willy 11 years ago

    What can we say zuma is dull never wentto school he was bound to say that what can u expect from him,they enjoy watchn zimbabweans suffer at the hands of this demonic government coz they benefit from it

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    MatabeleGirl 11 years ago

    South Africa is fast following Zimbabwe’s blueprint. I wonder how bad it will become before The West steps in?

    • comment-avatar
      MikShe 11 years ago

      The WEST will not step in simply because the EAST will have already stepped in.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 11 years ago

    Zuma and Mbeki kept quiet in 2008 when election results were delayed by more than four weeks. I am surprised that they were both quick to applaud this shame election. Who is fooling who?

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    innocent 11 years ago

    zuma is not willing to rescue Zim we saw it kudhara.he ia a fool

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    Toindepi 11 years ago

    If sums as the facilitator in the zimbabwe’s marriage of convenience between political parties was serious to help Zimbabweans hold free and fair elections,he couldn’t have accepted the elections to be held under the current conditions prevailing in Zimbabwe.zuma betrayed the people of Zimbabwe.why did Mugabe and his party militarize the the election process.why has the high court postponed mdc’s application to have access to election material from Zec.this is clear evidence which SADC,AU and Zuma cannot deny coz it shows how far ZANU can go in stealing the did zuma allow the elections to take place before before the playfied was even.zuma want to steal next year’s elections.beware