Pakistan successfully host First fixture of ICC World Cup Super League 2020

An important match of ICC World Cup Super League was played in the absence of spectators in Pakistan. Surprisingly, all the Zimbabwean players fully complied with the SOP. No violations were reported at any point.

Source: Pakistan successfully host First fixture of ICC World Cup Super League 2020 – The Zimbabwean

The Pakistan Cricket Board and officials had provided all facilities to the Zimbabwean players at the Rawalpindi International Cricket Stadium separately. In one block of the old pavilion of the stadium, Pakistan and in the other, Zimbabwean players and officials were present.

The Pakistan Cricket Board also ensured Corona SO in the media center. Representatives of domestic and foreign media who came to cover the mega event also followed the SOP.

Zimbabwe officials said that since Pakistan had already gone through this experience, our players faced some difficulties during the quarantine, but they showed full compliance during the match day.

The chairman and MD of the Zimbabwe Cricket Board were also part of the match. They also watched the match while sitting in the VIP pavilion while maintaining social distance.

The ICC congratulated the Pakistan Cricket Board on the successful conduct of the match. Similarly, former cricketers from all over the world have also congratulated Pakistan on the revival of world cricket during the Corona Lockdown.

A large number of spectators watched the cricket match from their homes while thousands of tweets were sent on social media in Pakistan for the revival of cricket.

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