Parirenyatwa case postponed

Source: Parirenyatwa case postponed | The Herald 20 AUG, 2019

Parirenyatwa case postponed
Dr David Parirenyatwa

Geraldine Zaranyika Herald Reporter
THE trial of former Health Minister David Parirenyatwa was postponed yesterday after the State indicated that the Prosecutor-General was still “considering the matter”.

Prosecutor Mr Brian Vito applied for postponement, arguing that Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi needs five weeks.

“I spoke to him and he said he still needs about five weeks,” Mr Vito said, before requesting that the matter be deferred to September 30.

PG Hodzi has previously instructed the prosecution to halt Parirenyatwa’s criminal abuse of office trial where the State alleges that he directed NatPharm board chairman George Washaya to terminate Flora Nancy Sifeku’s contract with the parastatal and replace her with Newman Madzikwa.

The State alleges that Parirenyatwa’s decision to remove Sifeku from her managing director’s post showed disfavour to her.

Through his lawyer Mr Deepak Mehter, Parirenyatwa applied for the temporary release of his passport after he had agreed to the postponement of the matter.

Mr Mehter indicated that Parirenyatwa was supposed to attend the 20th Cassa Forum in Rwanda from August 20 to 26.

In his application, he told the court that Parirenyatwa previously got his passport to allow him to attend health conferences to which he is still an active member. He said his client returned the passport on three occasions.

Magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo granted the application and ordered Parirenyatwa to return the passport to the clerk of court on August 26.