Register to vote, youths urged 

Source: Register to vote, youths urged – NewsDay Zimbabwe

By Stephen Chadenga

YOUTHS have been urged to register in large numbers to vote in the 2023 general elections in order to safeguard and advance their interests.

This came out during Friday’s meeting on voter registration organised by the Zimbabwe Election Support Network for Midlands politicians.

Gweru deputy mayor Cleopas Shiri said if youths did not participate in electoral processes, their future would continue to be determined by the older generation.

“Youths should actively participate in the electoral processes,” he said.

“They should register to vote, otherwise the older generation will continue to determine the future of this country.”

Ward 11 councillor Albert Chirau (MDC Alliance) said despite constituting the biggest population, youths continued to shun electoral processes. He said youths were failing to take advantage of their numerical advantage to shape democratic processes in the country.

“There should just be a drive for the young people to go and vote,” Chirau said.

“Our youths should register to vote for their future.”

A young female activist, Nozipho Rutsate, said there was need to decentralise the voter registration processes to make them inclusive.

“Registration processes should be inclusive and, therefore, decentralisation is key,” she said.

Although youths constitute approximately 70% of the population, there have been concerns over voter apathy particularly among the younger generation.