Replacing Mugabe With His Donkey

Replacing Mugabe With His Donkey

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Replacing Mugabe With Mnangagwa Is Like Merely Changing The Driver When The Bus Develops A Mechanical Fault- Mavhaire

Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo
Former Cabinet Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire is highly sceptical of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’ s potential to transform the country’ s economy.

Mavhaire worked with both Mnangagwa and former President Robert Mugabe in the government for a long time. Mavhaire is the National People’s Party (NPP) National Chairperson.

Speaking in Masvingo today Mavhaire said Mnangagwa should embrace diverse ideologies from other political parties and technocrats.

“Mugabe was a liability and we knew he would be forced to leave office at some point.

However we have to revamp the whole system. In my opinion Mugabe created a complicated system and we have to dismantle the whole setup so that we can move forward.

Replacing Mugabe with Mnangagwa is just like changing the driver when the bus develops a mechanical fault,” said Mavhaire.

Having worked with Mnangagwa for a long time Mavhaire has remained pessimistic about his ability to become the nation’ s political saviour.

” We cannot deny that the objective to remove Mugabe has been achieved.

If Mnangagwa is really committed towards real transformation then he has to incorporate political players from across the divide,” said Mavhaire.