Resorting to violence a sign of Zimbabwe leadership’s lack of confidence and empty-headedness!

Source: Resorting to violence a sign of Zimbabwe leadership’s lack of confidence and empty-headedness!

In life’s journey, one learns significant lessons.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


One of them is how to read people – more so, based on subtle sings, body language and mannerisms, as well as their general behavior and even what they say, or do not say.

That is why I have always been of the belief that it is actually difficult to be deceived by anyone – as, no matter how hard an individual may try to pretend to be someone he is not, or even downright lie – those subtly mannerism, such as his eye, head and hand movements, changes in pitch and tone of voice, choice of words used, or how he sits or fidgets, can all point to the person’s character, and whether he is telling the truth or not.

As such, even by simply watching a national leader, for instance, speaking on television or addressing a rally – it is quite easy deciphering the authenticity of what he is uttering, or if the speaker is even sure and confident in what he is declaring.

That is why it is seldom surprising when eventually most of the promises made by these political leaders do not come to pass – since, it was literally written all over their faces, that they were either lying through the skin of their teeth (when they issued the assurances), or did not show any confidence in their abilities to deliver.

The signs are always there – it is up to the people themselves to learn how to read them.

However, on top of these subtle signs, there are also the ‘in your face’ signals revealing that an individual not only does not believe in himself, but gravely lacks any intellectual capacity.

This can be exhibited in those with a propensity for violence and aggression as a form of intimidating and cowering opponents.

As a general rule of nature, people who exude self-confidence and high intellectual prowess usually rely on their ability to sway those with different viewpoints, or bitter rivals, through convincing arguments based on verifiable facts and evidence.

Due to one’s conviction in what he would be saying, there really would be no need for an aggressive tone, or even anger towards an opponent – but instead, the message is conveyed in kindness, respect, and with gentleness.

Why fight with anyone if you genuinely  believe in yourself and what you stand for?

That is the question I pose right now to the political establishment in Zimbabwe.

Why is the use of anger-filled hate language, toxic intimidation or intolerance, and even downright brutal violence, always the prefer choice in dealing with voices of dissent and the opposition?

Surely, is the ruling elite in this country so incompetent in conveying and selling their political messages – even to the elderly, possibly 70 or 80 year-olds – that the only way is to savagely beat them up?

There are those in this world who are renowned for their exceptional expertise in marketing whatever they have to offer, such that can even ‘sell water to a fish’ – displaying a highly developed admirable intellectual capacity, in their ability to convince doubters of their products.

Yet, here in Zimbabwe, we have people in power who are clearly lacking in this area – whose only language is violence, violence and more violence – a fact that has defined their nearly 43-year-long chaotic ruinous and disastrous reign.

If they are truly developing the country, uplifting the livelihoods of the ordinary citizenry, and life in general on the road to recovery, whilst ‘leaving no one and no place behind’ – why, then, can they not sell that ‘fantastic news’ to the people (who have had to endure decades of poverty and suffering, more so 70 and 80 year olds) in a civilized manner?

If these declarations of economic development are credible – surely, this would not be too difficult to prove to the population!

Such barbaric heinous incidents of political violence we have been witnessing in Zimbabwe for most of the ruling ZANU PF party’s criminal torturous tyrannical misrule – more disturbingly exhibited in the recent horrendous cold-blooded assault on elderly opposition CCC supporters in rural Murewa – is undeniable evidence of a ruling establishment that is brainless and has nothing tangible to offer the nation.

They are all brawn, and no brains!

Those are some of the signs that the people of Zimbabwe should watch out for when choosing whom to lead them – as it is quite easy to read whether one truly has the ability to deliver, is being genuine, and has the intellectual capacity to carry through his promises.

Once a leader, or prospective leader, resorts to instilling fear and brazen violence in those he is supposed to win over by convincing facts – then, that would be proof of their inability to deliver, and unsuitability to govern.

There is no greater danger to a people than a leader who lacks confidence and the brains!

Even in a domestics setting, a husband who is insecure in himself and does not genuinely believe in his abilities as the head of the house – is overly controlling, possessive and abusive, whilst leading through the instilling of fear, and brute force.

Any spouse who dares question his decisions or even tries to leave him, will most certainly face the full wrath of his anger and barbarity…even murder.

These are the sort of people ruling over Zimbabwe today!

  • Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice advocate, writer, researcher, and social commentator. Please feel free to WhatsApp or Call: +263715667700 | +263782283975, or email: