Rushwaya wants bail terms varied

Source: Rushwaya wants bail terms varied | The Herald

Rushwaya wants bail terms varied
Henrietta Rushwaya

Senior Court Reporter 

Accused gold smuggler Henrietta Rushwaya yesterday said she will apply for a relaxation of her bail conditions on her next court appearance, although no details of the desired variation were given.

Through lawyer Mr Tapson Dzvetero, Rushwaya said she wants the State to inform her and her fellow accused on the progress made in the investigation of their cases.

She is appearing with Pakistan businessman Ali Mohammed, Stephen Tserai, Raphios Mufandauya and Gif Karanda.

Rushwaya was ordered to deposit $100 000 as bail and barred from travelling nearer than 20km to any border.

She was also ordered to report three times a week at a police station until January 31 and then weekly on Wednesdays afterwards. Her passport is  in court custody.

The State led by Mrs Netsai Mushayabasa told the court that she will notify the court on state of investigations when Rushwaya and her co-accused return to court on May 5.

Rushwaya, Mohammed, Tserai, Mufandauya and Karanda face other charges arising out of the case with some of the accused charged with unlawful possession of gold, or criminal abuse of office or obstruction of the course of justice.