Zanu PF wants to mend rift with Western countries

via Daily News – Zanu PF wants to mend rift with Western countries

Bryn Gumbo

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF has said it will work to heal a rift with Western countries as stipulated in the party manifesto.

Rugare Gumbo, Zanu PF’s spokesperson, told the Daily News Zanu PF will keep its doors open for Western countries who wish to open a new page of “mutually respectful re-engagement.”

Amid measured criticism from Western countries of the July 31 elections won by Mugabe and Zanu PF by a landslide, the revolutionary party wanted to open a new chapter.

The United States and European Union have questioned the election, but observers from the 15-nation Southern African Development Community (Sadc) said the vote had reflected the “will of the people.”

Gumbo said Zanu PF will not confront Western countries about their position.

He said: “If the international community considers it necessary to reject the July 31 election, Zanu PF will continue as if nothing has happened.”

The former Mberengwa East Member of Parliament said notwithstanding misgivings on the electoral results from certain quarters, the guerrilla war movement is plodding ahead and will implement its policies outlined in the manifesto.

“It is up to those same countries which have imposed illegal sanctions on us to extend an olive hand to Zanu PF and the Zimbabwean government,” he said.

This year, the EU suspended most sanctions after the country’s voters approved a new constitution, limiting presidential powers and paving the way for elections, but the US has largely maintained its targeted measures.

A cheerful Gumbo refused to discuss the contested July 31 poll outcome, saying it is time to pop the champagne bottles instead of focusing on the negatives.

Asked whether the revolutionary party is going to tinker with the new constitution now that it has a two-thirds parliamentary majority, Gumbo maintained that the party that amended the Lancaster House Constitution for a record 20 times is in no spirit to lacerate the “people driven” charter it co-authored with the MDC formations.

“We made this constitution after we had consulted the people of Zimbabwe, so there is no way we are going to change the constitution without the people’s consent,” Gumbo said.

“Zanu PF is a people’s party and if need to amend arises, we will go back to the people who have approved this same constitution. But our position is that we don’t have any intentions of changing the constitution,” said Gumbo.

Dodging questions related to policy, in particular the land audit and indigenisation programme, Gumbo said such issues would only be addressed by relevant ministers in the incoming Cabinet.

The 73-year-old Zanu PF spokesperson said indigenisation remained the party’s key policy.

“Questions related to that ministry can only be answered when the new cabinet comes into power but l can tell you that, indigenisation is our key policy,” added Gumbo.



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    Bryn Gumbo, Zanu PF’s spokesperson told the Daily News Zanu PF will keep its doors open for Western countries who wish to open a new page of “mutually respectful re-engagement”. Well Mr. Gumbo of Zanu PF, I won’t hold my breath for the West come knocking on Zimbabwe’s doors for “mutually respectful re-engagement” for West is not within the sphere of humility to be considered for Africa to be worth negotiating less they get what they want for their own good at the peril of Africa. History is an open and clear testimonial to the West and its ruthless adventurism in almost every corner of the World. As we in America call a “track record” that is the true reflections upon such entities whose colors are seen by its past performance and virtues. So I would certainly keep an open mind to let the Westerners talk to Africa but with a sincere mutual respect and honor and not the pretense that the West is master at. It would be so awesome to see, for at least once in our lifetime, African nations are treated with mutual respect by the West for the sake of world’s peace and harmony. But West is intoxicated with its military might and blind in its arrogance that won’t let them see clearly the willingness among its former slave colonies who are more than willing to extend and hand of friendship with a spirit of forgive and forget and let by gones be by gones. Nay! Being a Westerner I can’t imagine this happening. I know the psyche of my people. Specially we, the Americans, are not capable to a free and independent thinking due to the fact that our entire country and its all institutions are in the hands of a very small and powerful special interest group who believes that rest of the world is created to be subservient to them as they are the ones God has chosen to be ruled upon entire planet earth. While, we the Goyims, are just the functionary slaves God has created to reach the end of the superior race! There’s a lot written in the international press about Zimbabwe’s close ties with Israel through Nikuv that could be a real serious impediment towards a true progress of Zimbabwe and rest of Africa due to the reasons one can read in the international press. I won’t hesitate to venture that through the Mossad operation of Nikuv, Zimbabwe may suffer a serious blow to its future aspirations and many a sophisticated tactics would play role in systematically undermine any one’s efforts to work with Zimbabwe in a constructive manner in any significance role. West cannot directly enter Africa for its ways are well known to the world but through a clever instigations by its reliable and trusted fronts, West has and shall continue to manipulate the internal and external affairs of Africa like it is now engaged upon in the Middle East and Asia. West is incapable to allow its former colonies and any non-whites to be treated with mutual respect and honor with equality. Case in point: Obama is a token spade, as we call it in the USA, but besides the color of his skin and PR created African-American image, he is an epitomy of white man’s dirty of the dirtiest tricks white man has ever played. Obama invented a new paradigm of deception that world has not seen in its entire political history. So Africa must,at all costs, guard its national interest first form those outsiders who are “die-hard” and “true friends” and “genuine partners” etc., etc, of Africa and more so, from within its own traitors waiting to live a life of comfort in the West after completing their dirty missions. It would be fantastic if Zimbabwe and the West mend its superficially created differences and move towards a mutually respectable economic and trade relationship but it must taken one case at a time and with extreme caution. As I said in opening, I am not gonna hold my breath to see it happen soon!

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    jongwe power 9 years ago

    You do know that Israel is basically a “51st state” of the U.S. Even if publicly, Zimbabwe and the West don’t seem to be getting along, it still won’t stop the agreements and negotiations that happen behind closed doors. What we don’t know is bigger than us.

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