Teen steals cow, cuts off hindquarter for relish 

Source: Teen steals cow, cuts off hindquarter for relish – NewsDay Zimbabwe


MUTOKO villagers were left shell-shocked after an 18-year-old man allegedly stole his neighbours’ cow, killed it and cut off the hindquarter for relish and dumped the carcass.

Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii yesterday confirmed the incident, saying the teenager, Gramme Tembo, was arrested after his wife testified that he had brought some meat.

Chazovachii said the carcass was found near Tembo’s homestead with a hind leg missing.

“The teenager was charged with stocktheft,” Chazovachii said.

It is alleged that on July 23, in Musarirevhu village under Chief Chimoyo, Tembo stole a cow belonging to his neighbour, Chimbadzo Chihuri (42) and cut the hindquarter and gave to his wife as relish.

This came to light when Chihuri, who had left his cattle grazing near the suspect’s homestead the previous day, mobilised village members and embarked on a search for the missing beast.

The search team stumbled on the cow’s remains near Tembo’s homestead.

The team, comprising village heads, also discovered that the hind leg was missing.

Tembo’s wife told them that her husband had brought beef the previous day, but she was not aware where he got it from.

The matter was reported to the police, leading to his arrest.

Police in Mashonaland East warned farmers to brand and secure their cattle following a surge in stocktheft cases in the province.

The most hit areas are Beatrice and Wedza districts.