Turkish envoy bids Speaker farewell 

Source: Turkish envoy bids Speaker farewell | The Herald

Turkish envoy bids Speaker farewell

Turkish Ambassador to Zimbabwe Hakan Kivanc.

Farirai Machivenyika

Senior Reporter

Outgoing Turkish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Hakan Kivanc, has called for improvements in trade and economic ties between the two countries.

He said this yesterday after bidding farewell to Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda.

Ambassador Kivanc has been in Zimbabwe since 2017 and his tour of duty ends on August 3.

“Trade, I wouldn’t rate it because its far way below our potential. We have to increase our trade and economic relations, we have an agreement which would soon be enforced because we have already agreed and ratified it also,” he said. 

Private sectors of the two nations, said Ambassador Kivanc, should interact often to explore opportunities for cooperation.

Present trade figures indicate that Turkish exports to Zimbabwe are US$15 million while its imports are US$12 million.

But Ambassador Kivanc said during his tour of duty in Zimbabwe, he had established relations between parliaments of the two countries.

“This was a farewell visit to the Honourable Speaker and what we have done during my term of office was to put the two parliaments (from Zimbabwe and Turkey) together we have formed the parliamentary friendship group and there was a visit by the Speaker and members of the group to Turkey. 

“We have established perfect a cooperation line which should continue and we are looking forward to exchange of visits in the coming term, which is part of our excellent relations. 

“We also discussed the upcoming visit of His Excellency, the President to Turkey as well, which was delayed due to Covid-19,” he said.