Wheat stocks sufficient for local requirements

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Wheat stocks sufficient for local requirements
The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa , addresses the media during a post-Cabinet briefing yesterday

Cabinet received an update on the country ‘s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and procurement and roll-out of vaccines as presented by the

Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care, Honourable, Dr CGDN Chiwenga, Chairman of the Ministers’ National Committee.

The nation is advised that, as at 25 July 2022, the country’s cumulative Covid-19 cases stood at 256 284, with 250 218 recoveries and 5 574 deaths.

The recovery rate was 98 percent, with 492 active cases reported. A total of 133 cases were reported, compared to the 184 recorded the previous week and reflecting a 28 percent decrease in the number of cases.

Regarding the national vaccination programme, as at 25 July 2022, a total of 6 362 618 first doses had been administered, while 4 728 400 people had received their second dose and 933 499 their third dose. Cabinet wishes to advise that those who received their first dose need to get the second dose in order to benefit from the vaccination exercise.

The nation is also being advised that no new cases were reported during the week by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. On another health matter, the Southern African Region is currently experiencing a poliomyelitis (polio) outbreak. During the week under review three polio cases were reported in Tete Province, Mozambique. Although no polio cases have been reported in Zimbabwe, four of our districts in Mashonaland East Province share a border with Tete Province. Thus Zimbabwe should urgently join a synchronised vaccination campaign in the Region (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique) to contain the outbreak.

Regarding the monkeypox global outbreak, a total of 15 328 cases have been reported to the World Health Organisation (WHO) from 74 countries since the beginning of May 2022. Countries in Africa that have reported cases are Benin(3), Cameroon(7), Central African Republic(3 cases and 2 deaths) DRC(163), Congo Brazzaville(2), Ghana(19), Nigeria(101 cases and 3 deaths) and South Africa(3). Once again, there are no monkeypox cases reported in Zimbabwe so far. However, surveillance and awareness continues to be heightened in the national interest.


Cabinet received an update on the summer grains, cotton and tobacco marketing and winter wheat production, as presented by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Honourable Dr Anxious J. Masuka.

The nation is advised that as at the 25th July 2022, grain stocks stood at 450 407 tonnes, comprising 393 183 tonnes of maize, and 57 223  tonnes of traditional grains. Regarding farmer payments, a total of $2 166 980 068,10 and US$3 687 793 was received from Treasury.

Grain delivered to date is valued at US$ 3 752 460,00, giving an outstanding balance of US$ 64 486,42.

The closing wheat stocks stand at 33 268 tonnes and Wheat stocks are sufficient for local requirements, however, millers should import at least 9 000 tonnes monthly. The country has a wheat crop record of 78 798 ha which is 8 213ha above the previous record crop of 70 585ha achieved in 2004. Flocks of the problematic quelea birds have been spotted in Kwekwe District, Midlands Province and Hurungwe District in Mashonaland West Province.

Pertaining to tobacco production and marketing, 188 million kilogrammes of tobacco worth US$572,3 million have been sold to date. Daily auction sales closed on July 20, 2022, but mop up sales will continue every Wednesday at all Sales Floors until all the tobacco has been sold. As at July 20, 2022 tobacco merchants had exported a total of 84 227 566 kilogrammes of tobacco valued at US$398 595 501 compared to 73 238 993 kilogrammes exported during the same period last year, with a value of US$286 312 965.

Regarding cotton marketing, a total of 39 070 236 kilogrammes of seed cotton has been purchased at the common buying points across the country compared to 66 615 999 kilogrammes last year.


Cabinet received an update on the Preparedness for the 2022/2023 Summer Production Season as presented by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Honourable Dr Anxious Masuka.

The nation is informed that it is imperative that Zimbabwe achieves perennial food security despite the effects of climate change.

Accordingly climate-proofing agriculture at household and commercial levels is going to be accelerated. The Covid-19 pandemic, the disruption of global supply chains for food, fuel and fertiliser, and geo-political developments, principally in major input and crop supply regions, have all heightened the need for Zimbabwe to attain our own seed, food, feed, fibre, bio-oils and bio-fuels security. The Agriculture and Food Systems Transformation Strategy will therefore be reviewed to guarantee maximum productivity, and to appropriately plan for increased production and productivity across all sub-sectors of agriculture. This will entail distributing seed according to regions in which they produce optimal yields. The targets have been discussed and agreed with all provinces, led by the Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution.

The nation is advised that one of the biggest constraints to increasing productivity is soil acidity. More than 70 percent of Zimbabwean soils are acidic and require liming in order to correct Ph for optimum crop productivity.

The National Enhanced Agriculture Productivity Scheme (NEAPS) and the special programme for import substitution will be funded through AFC and CBZ Bank under Government performance guarantees.

Under the Presidential Rural Development Programme, a total of 8 drilling rigs have been distributed, one to each of the rural provinces. An additional 30 rigs are expected in September 2022. 

Twenty-five thousand households have received a total of 1 250 000 sweet potato vines while 2,3 million vegetable combos were distributed to 2,3 million households. A total of 10 000 fruit trees were distributed to 1 000 households, out of a target exceeding 18 million fruit trees, while one village nutrition garden was established in Mangwe District in Matabeleland South Province. One hundred and sixty boreholes have been drilled in 2022.

The nation is advised that the Africa Development Bank Project on Zimbabwe emergency food production is supported to the tune of US$25,5 million. The objective is to increase cereal and oil seed production, fertiliser distribution and policy support to mitigate the food crisis and build resilience for 180 000 farmers.

On the update on the tobacco summer plan, indications are that 97 percent of the crop will be grown under contract. The area under production is expected to be 129 500 ha with an estimated volume of 190 to 200 million kilogrammes of flue cured tobacco against a tobacco Transformation Plan Target of 275 million kilogrammes.

The key enablers for the summer programme include support through supply of fertilisers, mechanisation, irrigation support programmes and capacitation of extension staff and farmers.


Cabinet received and considered the Trafficking in Persons National Plan of Action for 2021- 2025 (NAPLAC)as presented by the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Honourable Kazembe Kazembe.

The nation is advised that the administration of the Trafficking in Persons Act (Chapter 9:25) rests with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage. Section 9 (3) (a) of the Act requires that the Inter-Ministerial Committee, with the approval of the Minister, formulates a National Plan of Action a year or more as it deems fit to monitor and report on the implementation of the national plan of action. This is in line with the Palermo Protocol that requires that member States adopt measures to prevent and combat trafficking in persons. The main objective of the NAPLAC document is to establish a well-coordinated response to trafficking in persons characterised by prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of cases, and rendering protection and assistance to victims. In this regard the NAPLAC is constituted by four pillars as follows,

1. Prevention  combating traffic of persons

2. Protection  is in the repatriation

3. Prosecution  providing for the development

4. Partnership  to foster partnership with other like-minded institutions both locally and internationally.

NAPLAC also provides for a framework to monitor and evaluate the implementation of Zimbabwe’s response to trafficking in persons.

In drafting the NAPLAC, the committee was conscious of the need to align it to both national and international laws, particularly with regard to the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Trafficking in Persons Act; the Palermo Protocol and other United Nations conventions.

The interventions contained in the NAPLAC will also go a long way in advancing the national vision to improve public safety and order as enunciated in the National Development Strategy 1(NDS1).


Cabinet received an update on the state of preparedness for hosting of the 2022 Edition of the Sanganayi/Hlanganani World Tourism Expo scheduled 13 to 15 October, 2022 in Bulawayo from the Minister of Environment,Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Hon NM Ndlovu.

The nation is informed that the country will host the physical 2022 Edition of Sanganayi/Hlanganani World Tourism Expo at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre (ZITF Grounds) in Bulawayo. Hosting of the physical event will afford the destination an opportunity to re-engage with regional and international tourism partners. 

The physical meetings will create a platform for participants to generate new sales leads that are crucial to the destination’s

“Comeback Strategy” following Covid-19 induced lockdowns and travel restrictions that had been imposed in various source markets. The physical showcase will also encourage synergies between local operators who will need to collaborate efforts in line with the new way of doing business. In line with the National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy, the country will be able to engage with the domestic market. The physical exhibition will draw buyers and media from Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Hosting of the event in Bulawayo will further create the needed economic activity and enhance publicity for the City.

Cabinet reports that preparations to host the Sanganayi/Hlanganani World Tourism Expo have started in earnest, with a confirmed attendance from 250 exhibitors; 165 International buyers from Europe, Americas, China, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific as well as 23 media houses from the same countries have confirmed participation.


Cabinet received reports on progress made in the implementation of priority projects for the 2nd 100-Day Cycle of 2022, as presented by the Ministers of Health and Child Care; Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development; Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage; and Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services.

6.1 The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, Honourable Amon Murwira, reported that the following progress has been recorded on projects under his purview:

(i) Construction of the Midlands State University Law School Complex in Kwekwe from foundation to window level is at 50 percent of completion;

(ii) Construction of the JMN Nkomo College, Home Economics Block, has reached 99 percent completion; 

(iii) Construction of the Gwanda State University Engineering Laboratory and Innovation Complex which targets to complete brickwork of the Complex has now reached 50 percent of completion, with the mining laboratory having been constructed to lintel level;

(iv) Establishment of the Innovation Centre for Dryland Agriculture in Chivi district has reached 65 percent of completion;

(v) Establishment of the Lupane State University Agro-Innovation and Industrial Park is 100 percent complete, with goat holding facilities constructed and goat breeding stock procured.

6.2 The Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Honourable Kazembe Kazembe reported that the progress recorded for projects under his purview is as follows:

(i) The establishment of the Chipinge Community Archives in Manicaland Province is 20 percent complete, with Preliminary Survey and expression of interest completed; 60 percent is pending for the archival processing; and 20 percent is pending for shelving and exhibition, with the project on schedule for completion by 15 August, 2023;

(ii) On the redevelopment of Old Bulawayo thatching of the King’s Palace has reached 80 percent completion; the design and mounting of exhibition panels is complete; 80 percent of story line redevelopment complete; and design and production of exhibition design is 50 percent complete, with the remaining 50 percent scheduled to be completed by 1 August 2022;

(iii) Decentralisation of Passport Services to Beitbridge District , has reached 65 percent;

(iv) Construction of the Administration block and five residential houses at ZRP in Dotito is 72 percent complete, with the Administration block scheduled to be completed by 31 August, 2022;

(v) Electrification and borehole drilling for staff accommodation in Binga District, is 60 percent complete for solar electrification, with 40 percent scheduled to be completed by 31 August, 2022, while borehole drilling has reached 20 percent.

6.3 The Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care, Honourable Chiwenga , outlined the following progress for projects being implemented in his sector:

(i) Borehole drilling at 10 primary care clinics is at 100 percent complete with 10 health facilities having been installed with borehole water and water tanks as follows:- Murehwa, Chitate Clinic; Nyamutumbu clinic; UMP District, Borera Clinic,and Chitimba Clinic; Makoni District, Weya Rural Hospital, Chinenga Clinic, Rukweza Rural Health Centre, and Tandi Clinic; Mutasa District, Katiyo Sangambe Clinic;

(ii) Solar Power Installation at 10 Primary Care Clinics is 100 percent complete and solar power has been installed at the following clinics in Gokwe North: Gandavaroyi, Denda, Nenyunga, Vumba, Goredema, Kadzidirire and Tsungai , while in Chimanimani District Vimba Clinic and Nyunga Clinic had solar power installed;

(iii) Construction of Health Posts at Mushayamvura is 100 percent complete while Nakaluba and Mpambe in Binga District; Chikurunguru Hurungwe District; and Mashayamvura in Chivhu District has reached 25 percent of completion.

(iv) Refurbishment of the following clinics: Simona Clinic, Bindura District; Chinaka Clinic, Mutasa District; Nyamhunga Clinic, Gokwe South District; Masuka; and Tongwe Clinics, Gokwe South District are at 25 percent completion