UK lawyer chides Mnangagwa 

Source: UK lawyer chides Mnangagwa –Newsday Zimbabwe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

UNITED Kingdom-based lawyer, Max Lion has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of abusing State powers to settle a personal vendetta against incarcerated opposition politician, Job Sikhala.

Sikhala has been in remand prison since June last year charged with inciting violence over the coldblooded murder of a Citizens Coalition for change activist Moreblessing Ali in May last year. She was hacked into pieces by a suspected Zanu PF member in Chitungwiza’s Nyatsime area.

Sikhala’s co-accused colleague Godfrey Sithole, legislator for Chitungwiza North, and 15 other Nyatsime residents were released on bail.

Sikhala faces a separate charge of obstructing the course of justice.

Mnangagwa was petitioned to intervene by over 50 000 Zimbabweans and other citizens from other countries on the Sikhala case, but government has said the President will not interfere with operations of the courts.

In a long thread on Twitter, Lion said Mnangagwa must intervene to secure Sikhala’s release.

“Power comes with great responsibility and it reveals who leaders really are. Mnangagwa is weaponising the law and making Sikhala’s case personal by maliciously denying him a trial, while locking him up in prison. The abuse of power is of staggering proportions,” Lion wrote.

“When he became President, Mnangagwa captured the courts, judiciary, police, army, air force and the economic system which serves his personal agenda not the interests of the country.”

Lion added: “He (President) could have used his power to transform the country given the challenges under the previous President, but he made things worse.

“His government is a threat to citizens as rights are not respected. There is political violence as recently seen when elderly citizens were attacked by young people.

“Mnangagwa must set Job Sikhala free as the courts take orders from him. It’s not just fair and reasonable. It’s damaging the country’s reputation and opens the door for more sanctions. Zimbabwe is better than this and deserves better leaders.”

Efforts to get a comment from presidential spokesperson George Charamba were fruitless as his phone went unanswered.

The courts have said Sikhala is an unrepentant repeat offender in denying him bail.

Last week, Sikhala said he felt betrayed by colleagues, accusing them of working with the State to keep him in prison.


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    citizen 9 months ago

    Sikhala is now a hero and a martyr.

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    We all know Mnangagwa is evil. After all he is the architect of Gukurahundi, and this is a known fact. I lived in Bulawayo at the time. Mnangagwa proposed the idea of Gukurahundi to Mugabe. So of course he is going to deny Job Sikhala bail, and a fair trial. Mnangagwa is afraid of the truth, and he feels threatened by the popularity of Job Sikhala.