University Lecturers To Undergo ZANU PF Ideological Orientation

Source: University Lecturers To Undergo ZANU PF Ideological Orientation

Scores of lecturers from Zimbabwe’s State-owned universities are set to undergo ZANU PF ideological orientation at the party’s Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology under the banner Academics for Economic Development.

The Higher and Tertiary Education ministry has sent invitations to universities across the country for the workshop which will be held this week.

According to a letter written to universities seen by, each university will send 20 lecturers to the workshop.

Universities are expected to pay for their members who will attend the orientation slated for 23 and 24 January at Midlands State University (MSU).

The total cost of meals and accommodation will be US$65 000 if the targeted number attends. Reads the letter:

The Chitepo School of Ideology will be having a workshop for University and College Lecturers at the Midlands State University’s Main Campus from 23-24 January 2023.

The School has prepared a Basic Orientation Course which is designed to offer ideological orientation to all sectors of the Zimbabwean society, “living no one and no place behind” as directed by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde. Dr. E. D. Mnangagwa.

It is against this background, that the Ministry is cordially inviting a maximum of twenty (20) members of staff from each institution to attend this very important workshop.

… Midlands State University shall provide accommodation and meals (see attached breakdown of costs), for the duration of the stay.

Institutions are therefore required to make payments for their members directly to the hosting institution.


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    Remedio Fernandes 4 days ago

    The letter of invitation originates from a university and no one spotted the mis-spelling in “living no one and no place behind” instead of leaving no one ……

    • comment-avatar

      It makes one wonder about the quality of the education in our tertiary institutions.

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    Fallenz 4 days ago

    Can you spell “I-N-D-O-C-T-R-I-N-A-T-I-O-N”……?
    If that fails ZANUPF will bring out their youth gangs with the sticks and stones…….

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    antelope mine 3 days ago

    “Äfrican Democracy” ZANU style. Decrease the pool of knowledge, diminish the learning capabilities and stifle free speech and expression of informed opinion of developing young Zimbabwean minds – simple. Anyhow, we have all had our one vote !!!!!