Verify Engineering gets new board 

Verify Engineering gets new board 

Source: Verify Engineering gets new board | The Herald 30 JUL, 2018

Verify Engineering gets new board
Prof Murwira

Leroy Dzenga Herald Reporter

Verify Engineering, a technology development parastatal under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development now has a new board after running for four years without one.

The five-member board, led by Group Captain Edgar Kamusoko, comprises of professionals and academics of different specialities and was unveiled by Professor Amon Murwira at a commissioning ceremony in Harare last week.

Verify Engineering is a technology development agency under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development mandated to create efficient technology-based companies which will feed new ideas as well as opportunities into the economy.

Addressing the board, Prof Murwira challenged the new members to steer the rejuvenated Verify Engineering in the right direction.

“I am happy that we finally have a board, he said. We wanted 10 people on the board, but five failed for different reasons, but the leaner the board is, the better. I want to tell you that our spirit is engrained in making Zimbabwe great.”

The board, which will sit without allowances in its early days as the parastatal finds its feet, was implored to ensure the entity justifies its existence.

“When we arrived in December, we realised that Verify Engineering had nothing; there were just people,” said Prof Murwira.

“We started on project proposals to make sure that Verify Engineering becomes something. You can start a company and it’s on the books, but those books have to make a meaning to the economy. You are arriving at a company where at this moment don’t expect much of what it will give to you, but what it will take from you because we are in the construction phase of Verify Engineering.”

Other board members include deputy chairperson Dr Mercy Manyuchi, Ashton Debwe, Azvinandawa Saburi and Engineer Pedzisai Tapfumaneyi, who is the Verify Engineering acting chief executive officer.

Accepting their new role, Group Captain Kamusoko said remuneration was not on their immediate agenda.

“It is without doubt that this is a very big responsibility given the fact that our country is at a stage where we have to move it to the next stage,” he  said.

“We have been given an opportunity to showcase our talent, competencies and capabilities at a time when our economy and politics is getting into some transformation phase. We are keen to play our role and participate in this very important function.”