War vets launch investment trust 

Source: War vets launch investment trust | The Herald

War vets launch investment trustZimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association national chairman Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa addresses delegates during the extraordinary meeting held in Harare yesterday

Ivan Zhakata
Herald Correspondent
ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) yesterday launched the New Vista Investment Trust to promote investment in the country.

The trust will also cater for the well-being of investors in Zimbabwe and ensure community-investor engagement.

Speaking at the ZNLWA extraordinary meeting in Harare yesterday, its national chairman, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, said the investment vehicle was focused on business.

“It is for the domestic investors in Zimbabwe. It is for the public in Zimbabwe and also for the foreign direct investors who are coming to Zimbabwe.

“The timing is right in many ways because our patron, President Mnangagwa has now shown that three years into the Second Republic, the promises on which he rose to power, the manifesto which he championed during the elections in 2018 are now bearing fruit. Instead of promises he is giving deliverables,” he said.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said that because the President is on track in reviving the Zimbabwean economy, it is the opportune occasion for the war veterans to don a new garb as investment promotion and consultancy advisors.

He said the ex-combatants felt that with their maturity, experience, patriotism and enthusiastic support from the President, they will be able to deliver on the new assignments they have assumed through the New Vista Investment Trust.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said there was a need to promote investment in Zimbabwe to better the economy.

New Vista Investment Trust project co-ordinator Mr Musorowegomo Mukosi said the trust aimed to encourage a fair treatment for all business interests regardless of country of origin.

“This initiative is to try and act as a conduit between the investors that we have who are the Chinese as well as the communities,” he said.

“It is coming in a way that is strategically going to act as the link between them to try and create a rapport and put communication flows between the communities throughout the districts, provinces and at national level,” he said.

He added that the project can only be spearheaded by war veterans because they have an understanding of the liberation struggle and how China has been an all-weather friend to Zimbabwe.