What MDC congress hopefuls said

Source: What MDC congress hopefuls said – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 24, 2019

The MDC congress kicks off today with youths and women’s assemblies elections. NewsDay caught up with some of the candidates vying for positions at the congress to get their views on why they think they are the right candidates for the various portfolios they are vying for. Below are some of the briefs:

By Everson Mushava/Obey Manayiti

David Coltart

I am standing for election for treasury-general and I have set out a five-point plan of action. Firstly, I will implement uniform systems from national to ward level.

Secondly, I will adopt zero tolerance policy regarding corruption and bad administration within the party. Thirdly, I will implement a system of electronic membership cards that will benefit well over 2,5 million people who support the MDC so that we can adequately finance the party from domestic resources.
Fourthly, to reach out to the diaspora as we have many Zimbabweans who are MDC supporters and we have to work out means of tapping into that support.

Fifthly, to draw the support of people who are not in full-time politics, but who have particular skills and who are sympathetic to the MDC so that we can improve efficiency. The reality is that the MDC is inefficiently run and that needs to change.

I have said that people shouldn’t vote for me on what I offer or by the promises I make, but by checking the records. As founding legal secretary of the MDC, I set up the legal defence fund and raised tens of thousands of dollars to ensure that MDC members were adequately represented.

As Education minister, I raised tens of millions of dollars to run the education transition fund efficiently and I bring those skills to the MDC, if elected. So, all I can do is set that out and then rest on the democratic rule of the MDC membership.

Tracy Mutinhiri

I am vying for the position of vice-president. I am expecting to win why, because I am a mature and experienced politician. I will continue with my very successful strategy of marketing president Nelson Chamisa and MDC brand and assist with programmes of national healing and reconciliation as I am also a mother who lost her daughter, Belinda Mutinhiri, under unclear circumstances, just as Itai Dzamara’s mother and others.

If elected, I will assist with coming up with sound economic policies which will attract investors, which Zimbabwe desperately needs. I will also assist in fighting corruption from all our economic sectors. My rural background will assist in recruiting more supporters in rural areas and convince more women I worked with in the past because they know my good track record. I will remain very loyal to my president Chamisa and set programmes of empowering women and youths with income-generating projects.

Job Sikhala

I am contesting to be the party’s national vice-chairperson. It is a position that deals with important and fundamental issues of the party. It deals with the structural health of the party. It needs a sober, kind and firm hand. I will offer that.

Secondly, it is the chair of the elections directorate and disciplinary hearings. Never shall positions be acquired through patronage, corruption, friendship or any other vices. Never shall double candidates be an issue in the party. I will not need secondary assistance to interpret the party constitution or the party code of conduct. It will only be the expeditious dispensary of justice.

Lilian Timveos

I am vying for the position of vice-president. I am a wife, a mother and a woman in Zimbabwe. I am also a businesswoman in Zimbabwe, who understands the challenges facing businesses, consumers and our jobless youth. Since joining the party, I have committed myself to upholding MDC values and principles.

I have worked hard for the party in various capacities, Midlands provincial chair where I was the first female chair for the province where I dispatched my work effectively through teamwork. I am celebrating my second term as senator of the Midlands; I am currently the Chief Whip in the Senate, a position I am indebted to both the party and my colleagues in the Senate.

I stand ready to be your vice-president, not a woman vice-president, but a vice-president of equal fit. I pray that people will vote for me based on my pledge to deliver my duties in line with our policy blueprint for transformation, opportunity and prosperity. I promise to add value to the visionary leadership of president Chamisa by bringing in my vast political experience, loyalty, integrity, visionary and accountability in the presidium.

Happymore Chidziva

I will start with what I will offer as the national deputy chairperson of the MDC. I will assist the national chairperson in carrying out her duties. I have, therefore, taken it upon my shoulders to build and maintain a strategic, vibrant and growing movement so as to transform the MDC from being an opposition party and deliver the change that the people of Zimbabwe have been waiting for.

Given the mandate to lead, I will ensure that every member of the MDC abides by the constitution in order to ensure intra-party democracy; fair internal processes, unity and to circumvent party infighting.

Any form of non-compliance will receive due punishment. I will resolve conflicts within the party and implement new strategies of engaging key stakeholders of the nation.