Youths petition ED over Zesa corruption 

Youths petition ED over Zesa corruption 

Source: Youths petition ED over Zesa corruption – DailyNews Live

Blessings Mashaya      5 September 2018

HARARE – Youth Against Corruption (Yac) has petitioned President Emmerson
Mnangagwa demanding him to act on corruption at power utility Zesa
Holdings (Zesa).

Yac accused Zesa senior management of firing nine of its workers for
exposing corruption.

“We write to you, after realisation of the dismissal of Zesa employees on
April 4, 2018. Upon our interaction with the employees and the board that
represented them herewith Energy Sector Workers Union of Zimbabwe (Eswuz),
we realised that the employees were exposing corruption and irregular
financial transactions among other issues.

“As a result of their actions, a disciplinary committee was convened and
the workers were dismissed.”

Yac pleaded with Mnangagwa to assist the fired workers.

“It is our request that your respected office consider to look into the
issues of corruption raised by the Zesa employees, which resulted in a
number of employees being dismissed, assist the workers whose rights might
have been violated to be afforded a fair and reasonable outcome given
their braveness to question issues of corruption at Zesa.

“The case stands as a good example in which citizens of Zimbabwe will get
courage to expose corruption or whistle blow without fear of dismissal,
intimidation or threat and doing that within the confines of our laws.”

Zesa employees were suspended in March before being fired a month later
for allegedly participating in an illegal demonstration against corruption
at Zesa last year.

Zesa Holdings and its subsidiary the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) senior
management are also being accused of advancing $5 million to businessman
Wicknell Chivhayo for Gwanda Solar Project pre-commencement works, despite
Chivayo not providing a performance guarantee as required by law.

Recently, while officiating at the ground-breaking ceremony for Hwange
Power Station units 7 and 8, Mnangagwa said Zesa workers must work hard
and stop corruption.

“I therefore, exhort Zesa, together with their partners and other local
businesses that will participate in this project to be financially
accountable, prudent and transparent during the course of the
implementation of this project,” said Mnangagwa.

“I also urge all employees to exercise a good work ethic grounded on
diligence, honesty, hard work, teamwork, unity and harmony.

“I challenge you all to make concerted efforts to complete this project on
time or before time. The days of never ending projects are over.”