Zanu Ndonga dissolves

Source: Zanu Ndonga dissolves | The Herald

Zanu Ndonga dissolves
Cde Chinamasa

Samuel Kadungure in MUTARE
SEVEN officials from three opposition political formations in Manicaland dumped their parties over the weekend to join Zanu PF and pledged loyalty and willingness to contribute to the recruitment of other party supporters.

The new converts include Mr Crosswel Takawira Mugombi (NPF), Mr Samson Sithole (MDC), Mr Nelson Dzingi, Mr Lovemore Chibvura (NPF), Advocate Simon Simango (MDC-A), Mr Wilson Khumbula (Zanu Ndonga) and Senator Patrick Chitaka (MDC).

They were welcomed by the Zanu PF leadership during the ordinary session of the Zanu PF Manicaland provincial coordinating committee (PCC) at Mutare Hall.

Zanu PF Politburo member and national secretary for finance, Cde Patrick Chinamasa said the party should embrace the new cadres and urged them to lure more supporters as the party realigns its machinery to garner five million votes and win the 2023 elections resoundingly.

He cautioned party supporters against victimising and denigrating those joining the revolutionary party.

“Let us embrace these comrades as they have finally seen light, and abandoned politics of opposing and drawing the country backwards. When we won the 2018 polls, President Mnangagwa extended an olive branch to everyone, including (Mr Nelson) Chamisa, but he refused.

“He is out to disturb progress being made. His is pursuing an agenda to appease the country’s detractors. MDC-A wants Zimbabweans to continue suffering under sanctions, but I want to thank these comrades for seeing the light because for the country to develop, it needs unity on important issues.

“These new comrades are not gunning for any positions, but if they have any meaningful contribution to make, the people will decide. Once one is a card-carrying member, they automatically gain the entitlement to aspire for any position, and we leave that to the people. If the party feels you have a contribution to make, we will put you into a position, and if you refuse we part ways,” said Cde Chinamasa.

Cde Chinamasa hailed the move by Cde Khumbula to dissolve Zanu Ndonga, saying it helped to unite the people of Chipinge.

“Zanu Ndonga no longer exists, and in so doing, you made a great contribution to the unity of Chipinge. It was a critical decision, and you are most welcome in Zanu PF,” said Cde Chinamasa.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, said: “We are also happy to receive a number of new converts, who have seen that the opposition in Zimbabwe is going nowhere.

“There are some who have been Zanu PF before and left to join other parties, thinking that there was something out there, who are back. They were lured back by President Mnangagwa’s developmental thrust.

“The President is a developmental leader as evidenced by the number of projects being dome to turn around the economy and attain vision 2030. As Zanu PF Manicaland, we are happy, and we will work hard with everyone to make get the five million votes in 2023 under the leadership of President Mnangagwa.”

Senator Chitaka and Adv Simango spoke glowingly about the developmental projects being implemented by the New Dispensation throughout the country.

They also spoke highly of the need to unite, harness youths and develop the country.