Zanu PF strategies now outdated 

Source: Zanu PF strategies now outdated – NewsDay Zimbabwe

IT is unnecessary to keep on crying over sanctions while we ignore corruption in the public sector which is sucking the country’s coffers dry.

It is unfortunate that the Zanu PF government is unleashing terror on hungry and frail-looking poor rural folks, coercing them to block MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa from holding his meet-the-people rallies.

The government should concentrate on revitalising the ailing economy  and fulfil its 2018 electoral promises. People want food on the table.

Elections are coming soon and the ballot box will determine who takes over.

This Stone Age politics of harrassing, using hate speech and violence must be condemned.

The entitlement mentality has no place in modern politics. No one has monopoly over leadership. Zanu PF must know that power is like grass, one day it will wither. Power is temporary.

Good leaders scrutinise themselves and praise others. They take responsibility and give credit to those who deserve it. It is unfortunate that Zanu PF thinks that it is the only party with the mandate to rule Zimbabwe.

To be honest, Zanu PF is now a organisation of yesteryear, which has passed its sell-by date.

However, it shall always be remembered as the party which ruined the once jewel of Africa because of corruption and mismanagement.

Zanu PF chefs need to swallow their pride and do the right thing so that sanctions can be lifted. They should stop human rights abuses.

They must stop corruption, arbitrary arrests and muffling dissenting voices.

We keep on opening old wounds. For sanctions to be removed, Zimbabwe should fully implement what is in the Constitution. –Leonard Koni


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    Mukanya 1 year ago

    The only strategy ZANUPF has in place permanently is VIOLENCE, supported by the deadly the CORRUPTION/LOOTING platform…!