Zanu PF youth seek Tshinga Dube ouster 

Source: Zanu PF youth seek Tshinga Dube ouster – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 10, 2017

Zanu PF youth in Makokoba on Wednesday staged a protest calling for the ouster of their Member of Parliament Tshinga Dube over allegations of belonging to fired Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste accused of seeking to subvert a constitutionally-elected government.


The youths claimed Dube was a security threat and linked to the ‘rowdy’ that booed the First Lady Grace Mugabe at White City Stadium in Bulawayo during the youth interface rally last Saturday.

The youths, who were drawn from the four districts in the constituency and had the blessings of the main wing of the party, gathered at the Makokoba constituency offices.

They accused Dube of being a major figure behind the Team Lacoste faction, which sought to undermine the authority of President Robert Mugabe.

Indications were made during the demonstration, which was meant to affirm their solidarity with Mugabe and First Lady Grace for firing Mnangagwa, that they were rallying behind the veteran leader’s candidature in the 2018 elections.

Speaking during the solidarity protest, district commissar Emmanuel Munkuli said: “The MP was supporting Mnangagwa and working against our President.

“What he did is embarrassing and he must be expelled from the party. We support the decision by the provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) to bar him from the meeting. Tshinga Dube must go with Lacoste. He is causing divisions in Makokoba.”

The youth claimed that Dube and Mnangagwa were plotting an offensive against the government and that Dube had funded the elements who booed Grace at the interface rally.

Another Zanu PF district official, Charles Nyama said Makokoba constituency belongs to Zanu PF not Lacoste.

“Tshinga Dube should stop luring us to Lacoste,” he said.

The youth claimed that Dube had fled to the United States after Mnangagwa was fired.

Contacted for comment, Dube said those who claim he had fled the country were dreaming as he was home.

“They are dreaming, gone where? I am around. I know these youths are being funded by some members who want to be MPs and they are not able to do so because I am there, so they cook up stories. Yes, on Monday they the PCC members told me to get out just because some people cooked a story that I sponsored the people who booed the First Lady. At my age it is ridiculous that I can be such mischievous when I am already at retired age,” he said.

“They must continue with their fake claims, it will die down because lies cannot be