End of era, dismissal of Mnangagwa

End of era, dismissal of Mnangagwa

Source: End of era, dismissal of Mnangagwa – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 8, 2017

Zimbabwean politics entered another phase this week as Zanu PF started life without the sacked former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa. A phase and numerous reasons brighten the chances of the opposition to defeat the aged incumbent President Robert Mugabe in the coming polls.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

This new era has seen brainwashed people unite to unwittingly and unkwowingly press the exit button for Mugabe to exit office.

There has been talk that Mnangagwa used to be chief architect of violence especially Gukurahundi, 2008 presidential run-off genocide etc and with him out of government we hope no new political violence tsar will take over. No more rigging, intimidation, assaults and murder. If all these vices continue, then it will be obvious that Mnangagwa was just but a scapegoat. We will all realise who the real parasite and enemy of the people is.

Only a foolish blunder by the opposition and its allies can keep Mugabe in office and State House this time around.
Mugabe’s self parachuting out of power by dismissing two of his Vice-Presidents within five years is the opposition’s finest moment. He won’t be able to contain the coming protest vote. The use of the wide powers bestowed on him by the State, Constitution and Zanu PF has reduced Zanu PF to an organisation run by one man, making unilateral decisions to satisfy his own political appetite and taste.

With the elections a few months away, Zanu PF fractured, divided, weak and running out of steam, nothing can stop a well-organised opposition to end Mugabe’s controversial 37 years in power. The people have a good chance to reclaim and get their country back.