Zimbabwe Air Force helicopter crashes into house, four killed including child

Source: Zimbabwe Air Force helicopter crashes into house, four killed including child | Reuters

An Air Force of Zimbabwe helicopter crashed on Friday, killing three crew members and a child on the ground as it came down on a house, the Air Force said in a statement.

The helicopter was on a training mission, with two pilots and a technician when it disappeared on the radar.

It came down on a house in Arcturus, a farming area some 30 km east of the capital Harare.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives after the unfortunate accident,” Air Marshal Elson Moyo said.

Social media showed video of charred parts of the helicopter and security forces conducting an investigation.

Zimbabwe’s Air Force complains that its helicopters and fighter jets are old but they have not been able to buy new ones due to sanctions by Western countries.


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    Sampson 9 months ago

    So blame the west for the crash, no sympathy for the victims, just about sums up these cronies, what do zim want jets for anyway, put the funds into healthcare!!!

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    Robert 9 months ago

    Why is it when there is pressure from Zimbabweans about state acquiring us$18 million  Helicopter for the president a Zimbabwe Army helicopter crashes ( is it to justify a purchase) -just a planned distraction . And its unfortunate that innocent people are killed.. its just a decoy 

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    bbar1 9 months ago

    Zim is a country struggling with financial problems , Isnt it about time ZIM was getting its Act together . should be to the people for the people not for themselves , many people help the tourism industry but get nothing for it . Money they pay for Jets could improve the countries poverty situation and make people proud to be Zimbabwean instead of the good hard working folk there , feeling worthless and resort to violence and crime