Zimbabwe to repeat failure after 2013 illegal elections

via ZimbabweSituation on Facebook by Andrew M Manyevere

Zimbabweans abroad shall not watch by this time as the country goes back to the dogs again. It rests upon any human right soldier to prepare for a war of words, reasoning and intelligence that will finalize Zimbabwe’s future. Indeed, there is a need of a people-driven leadership that is strategic led.  Matters of governance should no longer rest with an illegitimate, macerated and beleaguered regime. Zanu party is comparable to an anti-hill from which a black mamba snake long left yet people still fear echoes of history that keep telling a story that: ‘a mamba still lives in the anti-hill’s holes’.

Is it any wonders therefore that some black American congressional representative cline and are sold to the cheap 1970 story that Mugabe is a revolutionary. Yes, Mugabe with others, much more fundamentally involved than him militarily, took the history of our armed struggle to an accomplishment level. His role is neither comparable to that of Samora Machel of Mozambique nor to Fidel Castro of Cuba. Failure

The unrefined revolutionary convolution has not taken a complete circle in Mugabe and many of his cohorts who forget that wars have focused on reconstruction of the national good and not for Nazism style of hate crime instillation. The beggar mentality in many who support the failing policies of Zanu is rooted on revenge attitude than on sacrifice for the common good. A good impression on rhetoric sounds, by Zanu leadership, appears, on face value, to outsiders who love textbook revolutions while reality on the ground is that economic fortunes decline while opportunities waste away.

Typical of a conspiracy is that survival becomes a tool used by the fittest-the ‘haves-rich’-while the poor coercion into docile mentality becomes a way of government survival through indoctrination. Political processes we see in Africa and we never see in the west account for lack of democratic education on rights as opposed to coercion-freedom of choice. Queues of the poor, ululating and chanting slogans, as if in total support and love of leadership, are a true sign of oppression on common person who worries more of bread and butter issues than on political jostling for power. Interference into private lives of ordinary citizens is what we saw the war in the 1970s force people into action and help build resistance. That mentality lives in the Zanu’s style of Government. People testify to the clandestine coercion application during the 2013 elections.

Subsequently and in contrast to Mozambique, this is why Mugabe government has sought to building a conspiracy of corruption that defend itself against sincere nation builders who plan on change for economic good of the country and people. Zanu has run a government supported by spy surrogates planted in western countries to cripple initiatives of honesty thinking citizen by slamming them as puppets of the west. The largest financial supporters of Zanu, and the friends of Robert Mugabe are tycoons that live in the west. There are no tycoons in Africa because they tend to overshadow politicians who grope for both wealthy and political lime light. The wealthy accumulation by Mugabe, his late sisters, and their children show a big contrast of who they were prior to independence and after. Zanu defends these stakes today against the poverty-stricken common person who has watched his condition deteriorate while Zanu rains slogan and brutality on masses.

Familiarity with tyrannical behaviour of government that has covertly and overtly rigged election after election, has almost wood winked the world into believing Mugabe is much preferred in the country as a leader to change. The smart employment of spies in the west, for example Ari Be-Menashe of Canada, to denigrate any emerging and contenting leader on Zimbabwe against Zanu by Zanu, on face value, has painted a failing leadership on Zimbabweans. Yes, areas of weakness have shown up in opposition political parties much of which has been the craft seeding from Zanu assisted mainly by some western nations. Today Zanu has literally mortgaged the country to China, so is Kenya and is Zambia and the list of colonially opposed nations is endlessly growing.

These forces play a major role in pulling back the arms of progressive history and the stages of democratic development on the continent, and particularly in Zimbabwe. With all realization of negative forces against freedom of Africa, the Zimbabwe diaspora has to rise above petite politics and put weight on substantive issues that will bring freedom and democratic development for Zimbabwe and the world.

Companies in Zimbabwe, aware of the past where Zanu totally failed to manage the economy, today worry that the recycling of same policies with much anger and revenge on MDC would be typical Zanu style. As Diaspora, we shall consistently work to restore fortunes of our country with the help of the global village. We shall not prophesy independence as a panacea to nation building but shall renaissance interdependence as a spirit of teamwork among nations. The fence sitting mentality has grasped the country from investors in industry, tourism, and transport with some companies already closing doors, for fear of a failing government forcing itself upon Zimbabweans through an illegal and fraudulent election.

We need new vision for Zimbabwe and not go back to recycled policies from recycled leadership. There is no hope of development resurrection based on hate-crime policies. We cannot let the country taken back into destruction by Zanu while we watch. No, not this time again.


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    Muchamama 11 years ago

    Chii chirinani kuti nyika idyidzane ne america kana chana

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    Wanda 11 years ago

    Im convinced kuti Mugabe rigged So what must b done to leave it like dat. Or

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    super mondo 11 years ago

    this article is too elongated.write more compact .

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    zimbo 11 years ago


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    jongwe power 11 years ago

    If Zimbos have a problem with the way things are going in their own country, they would have done something about it already. At least the Kenyans spoke up about the way their elections were handled. As much as a lot of people hate Mbeki, he had a point when he silently and diplomatically told us to go screw ourselves and fix our own problems. He is a South African who basically acted according to South African political agendas.

    Politicians of every country act according to the extent in which their people let them act. If they grow powerful enough to rule with an iron fist, it is because their fellow citizens ALLOWED them to gain power. Maybe unintentionally, but the thing that people deliberately fail to understand is that all politicians have varying degrees of sociopathic behaviour. They tend to make actions where is an obvious benefit to their personal ambitions. Whether these actions benefit or harm the population in the long run, is usually revealed long after the politicians get what they want.