Zimra seals border posts

Source: Zimra seals border posts – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) says it will only process commercial traffic and returnees to allow them to pass through the country’s borders.

In a statement yesterday, Zimra spokesperson Francis Chimanda said any traffic that did not fit into the category of commercial traffic and returnees would not be cleared.

Chimanda was responding to accusations that Zimra was undermining the Health ministry and Immigration Department by refusing to handle travellers who would have been cleared by them.

“Under the COVID-19 restrictive measures, Zimbabwean borders are open to commercial traffic and returnees only. Any traffic that does not fit into these two categories is restricted from movement across the border,” he said.

“This requirement is not peculiar to Beitbridge alone, but to all other Zimbabwean borders. The travelling public is required to observe these requirements while Zimra is required to enforce these restrictive measures without discretion.”

The revenue collector has been accused of causing traffic gridlocks that have been a menace at Beitbridge with transporters blocking the border in protest against delays.

Zimbabwe has kept its borders closed in its fight against COVID-19. Omalayitsha feel that the move has kept them out of business.

“Public notices to that effect have been flighted in the past at both local and national level to inform the public accordingly,” Chimanda said, adding that Zimra was attending to the crowding and potential health hazards created by travellers who do not meet the set travel requirements.

“Congestions being experienced are due, partially, to construction work at the main parking space due to the border upgrade project, which has reduced parking space. In addition, the Beitbridge Border Post being a strategic crossing point has always been susceptible to large influxes of traffic along the North-South Corridor,” he said.