Cecil the Lion: Zimbabwe lifts ban on hunting introduced in wake of big cat’s death after ONE WEEK

via Cecil the Lion: Zimbabwe lifts ban on hunting introduced in wake of big cat’s death after ONE WEEK – Mirror Online 9 August 2015 by Laura Connor

A ban on hunting animals around the national park where Cecil the lion was slaughtered has been lifted after only a WEEK, a leaked statement has revealed.

Lions, leopards and elephant hunting was prohibited around Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park – where Cecil the lion lived before he was killed – but has now been adandoned.

In a leaked statement to members of Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association, the Zimbabwe authorities said the ban is still in place in limited areas.

The statement, published by News24, said: “We are pleased to inform you that, following some useful discussions between operators and the relevant Zimbabwean authorities, the suspension has now been uplifted throughout the country.”

There are still some exceptions to the lifting ban, namely the farm where Cecil was killed.

It also appears that hunting of “collared iconic animals” is also banned, the statement says.

Authorities in the south African country announced the move after it emerged in the wake of Cecil’s death that a second American hunter was wanted for allegedly killing a different lion in April.

The much-loved lion was shot by American dentist Walter Palme, who is now under investigation after admitting the killing.

Today is was also revealed that Cecil the lion was tragically lured to his death by a one-eyed lioness he had started mating with, experts claim.

The temptress, Cathy, lost her right peeper in a fight with another lioness over a male – and now has the remaining one on Cecil’s brother, Jericho.

Experts say she used a sex scent to attract black-maned Cecil outside the safety of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, where he was killed weeks later by US dentist Walter Palmer.


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    Doris 9 years ago

    So, are you going to give us the name of the bigwigs behind the devastation of our wildlife? The death of Cecil is just a drop in the ocean. I mean, it’s obvious that the investigation has hit a sensitive area.

    • comment-avatar

      As soon as the name HEADMAN SIBANDA emerged as the other lion killer it was always going to go nowhere. He has been threatening key players in the Hwange area from long back, we all know. Big buddies with the OBERT MPOFU clan who command things in that area. Who knows what other govt officials involved too.

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      Mostly it is ivory they always want and connive to get, not cats. More money there, and rhino horn before the same players killed them all out in same area as SIBANDA with MPOFU clan. Good conservationists could confirm, arhh but hold on, they made sure they got rid of them.

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        Doris 9 years ago

        Thanks for that Pam.. Respect to you for stating facts as you know them.

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    iwezimbo 9 years ago

    Should we be surprised, of course not …… The corrupt regime needs to fill it’s private pockets