Chinese man threatens to shoot immigration officers

via Chinese man threatens to shoot immigration officers – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 19, 2016

A CHINESE national, Hun Xiangkun, was yesterday granted $100 bail after he appeared in court charged with pointing a firearm at five immigration officials during a raid at his home in Vainona, Harare.


Presiding magistrate, Tendai Rusinahama ordered Xiangkun (43) to surrender his passport to the clerk of court, not to interfere with State witnesses and to continue residing at his address of record.

It is the State’s case that on December 28 last year, five immigration officers, Collin Mahwasa, Harold Makumbe, Tariro Mandizvidza, Spiwe Munjai and Patrick Nyambiya, received a tip off that there were some illegal Chinese nationals residing at Xiangkun’s residence.

When the five raided the place, Xiangkun allegedly initially went into the house and later came out wielding a pistol and threatened to shoot the immigration officials, alleging they were bogus.

After the officers introduced themselves, Xiangkun then let them in. However, during the search Xiangkun’s wife reportedly screamed prompting her husband to rush
inside with a cocked pistol in hand.

Xiangkun again allegedly pointed the gun at the immigration officers and detained them while his wife rushed to Borrowdale Police Station to file a report.

The immigration officers then called their superiors and detectives from the Minerals and Border Control Unit, leading to Xiangkun’s arrest. The matter was remanded to February 1.

Francesca Mukumbiri is prosecuting the matter.


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    Barry Groulx 5 years ago

    Hopefully the firearm is unlicensed, which carries a five year prison term.

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    the chinese man is right you cannot just come into my house not accompaned by uniformed ZRP police. possible the man is being arrested for refusing to pay a bribe.