College manager nabbed for insulting Mugabe

Source: College manager nabbed for insulting Mugabe – DailyNews Live

Jeffrey Muvundusi      21 April 2017

BULAWAYO – Falcon College (Falcon)’s estate manager, Murray Ross Osborne,
has been dragged to court for allegedly insulting President Robert Mugabe.

While the insult allegations arose last December, the case was only
brought before the courts yesterday as the State was still waiting for
Attorney-General’s authority to prosecute in terms of  Section 34 of the
Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

Osborne, 47, appeared before magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa facing charges of
undermining the authority or insulting the president, who remanded him to
May 10, for commencement of trial.  He was released on $100 bail.

According to State papers, on December 14, the complainant Bigboy Moyo was
tasked by the accused to dig out a sewage pipe.

The court heard that Moyo, however, failed to locate the pipe and this did
not go down well with Osborne who then allegedly said “you are stupid like
President Gabriel Mugabe . . .”

Moyo proceeded to file a police report, leading to Osborne’s apprehension.


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    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    If this one flies, then we are all of us – black and white, alike – in serious danger and at the mercy of anyone who holds a grudge against us, or with whom we get into an argument, however trivial.

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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    So are we being forced by the Law to believe that Mugabe is clever?

    Despite what the may Law says, everyone in Zimbabwe must know, if the truth be told, that Mugabe heads the world stakes in brainlessness.

    How could a clever person take Zimbabwe from what it was to what it is now without realising that it was time that they left the political arena to someone, even anyone, more able?

    And why were we so stupid as a people to give this wrecking ball the power to do what he has done to us?

    And some of us now even demand that he should rule from the grave. He must just rot in that grave…

  • comment-avatar

    Do we honestly think that a clever president got this country into the mess it is in??!! I wonder if the courts will have the savvy to ask Osbourne to prove that RGM is stupid, that would be easy!!

  • comment-avatar
    Goblin 5 years ago

    Is building the best hospitals in Singapore a sign of being clever???

  • comment-avatar
    Ntondo 5 years ago

    Can anyone be that stupid?

  • comment-avatar
    harper 5 years ago

    Saturday afternoon waiting for my train at Victoria Station in London. Watched an AMEC Gang working on the rails. Surprised to hear them all speaking Shona. One made a mistake, the others laughed and called out “Mugabe”.

  • comment-avatar
    Nelson 5 years ago

    Comrade His Excellency Strongman Robert Mugabe is in no doubt one of the cleverest people in Africa today – he has several degrees to his name and is a teacher in his former life. Some have even described him in Zimbabwe’s parliament as our very own Jesus

    • comment-avatar
      Ndonga 5 years ago

      Nelson I take it you are jesting to wind us up?…

      If not, where have you been for the last 37 years?…

      Certainly not in our Zimbabwe…possibly in Outer Mongolia!…