Foreigners can’t build Zim: Zhuwao

via Foreigners can’t build Zim: Zhuwao | The Herald December 24, 2015

Ivan Zhakata and Ellah Mukwati
Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Minister Patrick Zhuwao has slammed foreigners who claim to create value for Zimbabweans through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), arguing that they were bent on looting the country’s natural resources.

Speaking at the official opening of Meat Box, a butchery that employs 235 people in Epworth yesterday, Cde Zhuwao said foreigners would never help build Zimbabwe’s economy without strings attached.

“Why should we as Zimbabweans go outside seeking foreigners to build our economy? We do not need a foreigner to sort out our economy, no,” he said.

“The foreigners can never come and build the Zimbabwean economy; they must come and assist us on our terms because they never come here to assist us but they come here to extract value.

“Please (foreigners) don’t try to come and tell us that you are creating value because you did not create platinum, God created platinum, you did not create diamond, God created diamond, you did not create gold, God created gold and when God created that gold he puts it on a piece of land called Zimbabwe for me and every Zimbabwean.

“So the conceptualisation that Foreign Direct Investment comes to create value is totally false and unGodly,” he said.

Cde Zhuwao said people should know how to identify problems and come up with solutions, therefore creating value for the economy.

He said that the reason why foreigners got investment certificates was a clear indication that they came here only to extract and loot our natural resources in the disguise of investing.

Speaking at the same event, Meat Box chief executive officer and Zanu-PF member Cde Acie Lumumba challenged Epworth residents to empower themselves and desist from relying on donors.

He said the only way to create jobs in Zimbabwe was through identifying and fixing problems in various sectors of the economy.

“We have created 235 jobs in Epworth and we are aiming at 600 jobs in the next six months in Harare alone,” Cde Lumumba said.

“We are committed to working in Zimbabwe and I am committed to Zanu-PF and I follow President Mugabe’s indigenisation policy. We do not need FDI, but we need to teach the people of Epworth to work and empower themselves as 50 percent of Meat Box belongs to the Epworth community,” he said.

Epworth legislator Cde Zaleriah Makari and Affirmative Action Group president Mr Chamu Chiwanza among others, attended the event.


  • comment-avatar
    C Frizell 9 years ago

    This is unbelieveable!

    The fool seems to have inherited insanity from his uncle. He seems even worse than the last Mini-Star of De-Industrialisation (Kasukuwere)

  • comment-avatar
    Reverend 9 years ago

    Tis better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a foolish idiot than to open it and totally remove all doubt!
    This is exactly the zanupf mindset that will get us nowhere.

  • comment-avatar
    mapingu 9 years ago

    Kkkkk. ‘Foreigners, foreigners, foreigners, blaah, blah, blah ..’, Zhuwao said.

    Funny; isn’t it? A pot calling another black isn’t it? I mean surely on which part of Zimbabwe can anyone situate the Zhuwao’s? He might have been born & bred in Zvimba, and among the Gushungo’s. But surely, as per our Shona culture he can not be a Gushungo – mwana wemukuwasha. Unless there is something very shameful that we don’t know about the parentage of this guy; but I think not.

    So, Patrick Zhuwao should tell us where his real clan is and/or originates in Zimbabwe. The only other place I have located Zhuwao’s in numbers is Mozambique.

    In short, unless Patrick proves otherwise, I consider this dreadlocked boy as a “foreigner” too; & so why should he have special treatment relative to all others he often and fondly refers to as “foreigner”? Nxaaaaa!

    Being muzukuru waPresident is not being mwana wapresident – come on Patrick uri kurashika papi? Uri mwana wemukuwasha chete – unless there is something seriously wrong that we don’t know about you.

  • comment-avatar
    C Frizell 9 years ago

    Isn’t it funny how people of dubious descent love to call others “foreigners”?

    I proper countries, people are Citizens – chete!

  • comment-avatar
    Roberta Mugarbage 9 years ago

    Foreigners can’t build Zimbabwe, that is a matter of debate.
    Fact is that the Zimbabwe Shona managed to break it down, unless you blame Malawian Bob Matibili.

  • comment-avatar
    IAN SMITH 9 years ago

    “The (Malawian)foreigners can never come and build the Zimbabwean economy; they must come and work in the sewage department on our terms because they never come here to assist us but they come here to extract value.
    Zhuwao you and Bob are Malawian blood suckers exactly that is the whole reason for failure no argument there.

    Zhuwao you are surely smoking bad imbanji or crack. Who works or invests for no return? just shut your rotten stinking mouth ASAP dumb stupid goof head.

  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 9 years ago

    The madness never ends. The most homophobic among us are mostly closet gays and good luck to them. But when a foreigner with the right connections tries to get us to hate foreigners we must draw a line…

  • comment-avatar
    Collin Mackenzie 9 years ago

    Oh my word

    I’m a pround Zimbabwean and have a lot of respect for my leader.
    However on this stupid dread log boy, can he just shut up for once an seek proper advice.

    He may be right or wrong but his choice of words are totally out of context and order.

    Please get a spokesman.
    You are not His Ex Robert Mugabe
    I was born in Zanu and I have the right to tell this fool to shut up man.

    It’s just to much young man you are spoiling a good and trying to hard and over selling the indigestion policy.
    Stop treating like Zimbabwe belongs to you and the peoples wealth is yours.

    Respect the role you have and shut up, you now becoming a little Temba.

    The more you talk I see an ungroomed boy trying to hard to act or be like our President.

    Vostek maaaaan wena

  • comment-avatar
    Yayano 9 years ago

    How deluded can one be.
    Zhuwao was opening a mere butchery. In most countries butcheries are opened all the time with no fanfare or any noise being made.
    The fact that the opening of a butchery is being celebrated already shows how low the economy has failed.
    Every country in the world is seeking FDI and so why would Zimbabwe think that they don’t need it – a third world country struggling even with the basics.
    Get real Zhuwao – it’s you Zimbabwe does not need.

  • comment-avatar
    Chomi 9 years ago

    Ah kkkkkkkk he us a local foreigner musiyei kani

  • comment-avatar
    Bob the Builder 9 years ago

    You are a failed state,no jobs,no employment,no future….you cant build “Great” Zimbabwe without foreigners I think its called “TRADE” but Zimbabwe will know it as “AID” you do not have the capability to deal with endemic corruption & bribery until this is cleaned out Zimbabwe is going nowhere sadly

  • comment-avatar
    Tjingababili 9 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    harper 9 years ago

    So, he is committed to ZANU pf!
    What is the difference between being committed to ZANU pf and committed to Ingutsheni?
    Answer: Not much at all, but at Ingutsheni there is a chance that you will eventually recover sanity.

  • comment-avatar
    Pidigori 9 years ago

    First and foremost, here is a man in a shameful denial about his real roots, trying very hard to selll a repulsive agenda that Zimboland least needs & deserves all our unreserved contempt if not outright condemnation. I’m struggling to put a finger on what worldview he actually ascribes to. He should be reminded to go preach this to his uncle friends from the orient and leave us alone. Honestly, Zimboz do not need this sort of madness.

  • comment-avatar

    do not worry Zimbabwe, 2 more years then you will be able to try zwhoever the ngochan for treason as he is intent on destroying the country along with his uncle. it takes the entire world to place any value on all the minerals of zim, try eating gold zwhoever, or maybe eat you fool uncles, s h it.

  • comment-avatar

    If not the foreigners, then who will build the country?? This lot have only managed to destroy, loot and pillage for the last 35 years. They don’t have the capacity to build anything.

  • comment-avatar
    Chomo 9 years ago

    More things were built post UDI by RF during the war. Nothing was been built since independence, only destroyed.

  • comment-avatar
    Trebor Ebagum 9 years ago

    Foreigners are not the ones who have destroyed Zim either.

  • comment-avatar
    Ghanaxrl 9 years ago

    Zhuwawo. The son of a war vert will remain so. Mr Zhuwawo you have a good post which i think you are not qualified to hold but because of family. People ar suffering in Zim and u speak like a Zhuwawo. Do u know what a Zhuwawo is. A quoter of your country’s population are foreigners residing in a neighboring count, but u pass a wrong message about foreigners. You must be insane! Really from your words, your insane. A country doesnt even have its own currency, why is it that way? Isnt it because of you insanity and poor ruling. You preach sheet mister Zhuwawo.

  • comment-avatar

    Chase a crazy person, who stole your clothes , at the river where you were bathing, all the way to where your home area is and the people will Not know wich one of you is mad

    • comment-avatar
      Roberta Mugarbage 9 years ago

      Interesting remark, new to me.
      I suppose it means that there is no sense in arguing with the likes of Zhuwao. A third person may think you are on the same level of sanity.
      I have a variant: It is unwise to answer agression from a drunkard in the street. People, alerted by the noise, will only see two drunkards fighting.
      Happy 2016.

  • comment-avatar

    Looking forward to seeing Meat Box”s books at this time 2016 !! Haha!!

  • comment-avatar
    joseph 9 years ago

    We do not have a Zhuwao name in our shona history.ITS a MOZAMBICAN name meaning john.he is not a Zimbo to tell us about building Zim.Mozambique is the
    right place for him to say that