Lack of funding threatens NCP

via Lack of funding threatens NCP – Newsday October 8, 2015

THE National Convergence Platform (NCP) — where civic society groups and political parties are expected to brainstorm over the current political and economic crisis — now hangs in the balance due to financial challenges.


The meeting is scheduled to take place in Harare on October 24, but the convener, retired Anglican Bishop Sebastian Bakare, yesterday told NewsDay that they had not yet secured adequate funding.

“We are ready, but not ready. We are desperately looking for a venue and if we secure one, then we will go ahead as planned on October 24,” he said.

“We want to make it clear that those who are concerned about the NCP should come forward and they will pay for their own expenses. Ideally, it was going to be good for our own people to come and help without going to the donor world so that they have a sense of ownership. But at the moment, we are stuck and we have to find who is going to chip in.”

Various political leaders have been pushing for unity and collective decision-making in coming up with a homegrown solution to the Zimbabwe crisis.
Analysts have advised political players to swallow their pride and forge a united opposition that will be able to produce results in the current environment.

But Bakare said although he welcomed political leaders at the NCP, he would not allow them to take a leading role.

“Whatever they propose, it’s their business,” he said.

“They are just going around a vicious circle. What we are doing is not about bringing them together, but if they come they will have to
listen to what people are saying. Political parties are being formed every day and it is becoming a business. I don’t know how many they are now. It will be good if they come, but we will not give them a platform. People will contribute individually.”

He said if they managed to hold the Harare event, another one would be held in Bulawayo to reduce transport costs for people coming from other parts of the country.