Mugabe to pay Tsvangirai’s debt

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has pledged to pay off MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s $81 247 debt incurred in car hire services when the latter was still Prime Minister in the Government of National of Unity.

Source: Mugabe to pay Tsvangirai’s debt – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 20, 2016


This emerged at the High Court yesterday after a Harare car hire and rental company, Joel Travel and Tours, had sued the Office of the President over the long-standing debt incurred in 2013.

The firm’s lawyer, Brenda Hatinahama, sought the removal of the matter from the High Court roll, saying Mugabe’s aides were now negotiating for an out-of-court settlement.

Justice Lavender Makoni granted the application.

“My lady, may the matter be removed from the roll, the reason being that the parties are negotiating a settlement with a view to have the matter settled,” Hatinahama said.

Mugabe’s Office was this year taken to court after the tour
operator realised the government was reluctant to pay for the vehicles that Tsvangirai hired during his tenure as Prime Minister.

In an acknowledgement of the debt document dated December 12, 2013, signed by the Prime Minister’s Office, Tsvangirai acknowledged owing the tour operator the claimed amount.

“The Prime Minister’s Office, hereby, acknowledges that it owes Joel Travel and Tours a total of $81 247,08,” the acknowledgement letter read.

“Joel Travel and Tours is a car hire company. Between the period of February and August 2013, the Office of the Prime Minister hired vehicles from Joel Travel and Tours.

“The total bill for this period was $108 331,68, of that amount $27 084,60 has been paid.”

In a different but related matter, the High Court last week ruled in favour of the same travel and tour operator in a case where it had sued the Commissioner-General of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, Paradzai Zimondi, over a $13 501 debt.

In its declaration, attached to the summons, the firm claimed sometime between October and December last year, Zimondi hired several vehicles for use at an agreed rate, but failed to pay for the services, prompting the firm to approach the court.


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    garden boy 7 years ago

    its now tsvangirai,s debt just because its nolonger a unity government. what made you not to fix that debt when you were together. with the fact that you always see yourself as the only person who can rule this country you must pay the bill. too much umbimbindoga sekuru. maivepi pese apa maakuda kuzvitaura nhasi. this need to be verified because it seems you want to siphon money using tvangirais name. inogona yakatobhadharwa kare so….

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    musana 7 years ago

    Misleading heading. Mugabe has never paid anyone. We all have been paying him. So, please retract and say the correct information. Why do you give the impression that this bankrupt kleptocractic ruler has any resources to pay anyone. Ayeyu anobirwa neMachina neMarussians akarara uyu. Duzvi remunhu zvaro.

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    yaaaaa when eva u are at mora u shud knw dat ,dats contrabonos moras so its gud to pay de debt for the gud of the plaintiff