Mugabe’s nephew condemns Airport Road demolitions

via Mugabe’s nephew condemns Airport Road demolitions – DailyNews Live Sharon Muguwu • 26 January 2016

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Robert Zhuwao has bemoaned the current demolitions taking place at Arlington Farm along Airport Road.

Ironically, the demolitions are taking place at the behest of none other than his namesake and uncle who last year described the buildings as an eyesore.

And with vigour the city of Harare is now destroying houses leaving thousands of people homeless, Zhuwao showed his sympathy with the affected residents.

“This is heart breaking. I don’t know the families affected by these demolitions.

“Even if one is to say all these structures were illegally built, these people who are strangers to each other did not end up on these stands through collusion.

“Somebody sold them these stands,” Zhuwao wrote on his Facebook page.

“Shouldn’t compensation for these families have been sought and secured from the sellers of the land first?

“If criminality is found anywhere along the chain of events leading to the selling of the land, culprits should get arrested,” he wrote.

The housing cooperative behind the houses Nyikavanhu is closely associated with top Zanu PF officials.

“The pride of any man is providing shelter for his family. Uku kuuraya munhu.

“Surely, somehow council and government need to help these families who are victims of circumstances.

“Documentation must have passed through their offices leading to such a huge number of people constructing ‘illegally’,” said Zhuwao.

Documents show that government, the Civil Aviation Authority and the city fathers gave Nyikavanhu Housing Cooperative the green-light to develop the remainder of the subdivision of Arlington Estate measuring 530, 25 hectares.

“Some people in council/government offices “approved” this tragedy. There is a paper trail.”

The president’s nephew went on to bring about the contentious issue of Longcheng Plaza which was built on a wetland much to the protest of environmentalists and the private media.

“Come to think of it, what about malls and office parks built on wetlands? Are they getting demolished?

“Does the masterplan of Harare include kombi ranks and turning bus termini into misika?

“Is council not generating revenue from misika and flea markets located where bus termini should be?”