They all want him gone

via They all want him gone 26 November 2014 by Jera

The President’s silence, until now, could have been construed as neutrality. But the recent Politburo meeting revealed where exactly President Mugabe stands. At the start of the meeting, under the watchful eye of television cameras, Mugabe chatted with senior party members. Making a play on the Shona word bhasikiti (basket) Mugabe told Masvingo resident minister, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, that he was ‘in the wrong basket,’ meaning Team Weevil is the right faction, perhaps.

For Nicholas Goche, who is rumoured to have met with mercenaries in South Africa and Israel, to discuss the assassination of Mugabe, the President sang a song – ‘Ndiwe muroyi’, meaning ‘you’re the killer/witch’ – in apparent mockery. Mujuru’s body language – in the Bhasikiti video clip and at the president’s airport arrival earlier – suggests that the beleaguered VP is somewhat uncomfortable in Mugabe’s presence.

What also confirms Mugabe’s alignment to Team Weevil is that, so far, whatever is suggested by that camp suddenly becomes enacted. To conceal the involvement of a higher power, the ‘elders of the war vets’ were invented.

Mujuru clearly has a large support base in the party. As such, her rivals planned to oust her before the December elective congress, where she might have run away with the vote. At the time of going to press, the ruling party’s politburo was discussing a proposal to amend its constitution, so that Mugabe can handpick his own VPs. If this is approved, this would confirm Mugabe as an absolute dictator and likely result in the removal of Joice Mujuru.

If events at Zanu (PF) Rotten Row are analysed, one thing becomes clear as daylight. Several senior party members have been accused of plotting to unconstitutionally remove Mugabe. Mutasa, Mujuru, Goche, Kaukonde, Bhasikiti, Muchena, Mliswa, Gumbo, Nhema – it is literally the entire party. If everybody, including his close allies, want him gone, maybe it is time the President took a hint.

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    machakachaka 7 years ago

    Mutasa, Kaukonde, Muchena, Mujuru, Goche, Mliswa, Gumbo, Nhema, is not “literally everybody” as the report suggests. “Everybody” is the 2 million plus voters who voted for Bob in 2013.

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      William Doctor 7 years ago

      Voted for or against him? I see the leaked SA 2002 report noted that Mugabe stole the election (in 2002 – and ever since).

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    chindori 7 years ago

    bob z gone

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    chindori 7 years ago

    bob z finished