MDC-T restructure

via MDC-T to embark on restructuring ahead of congress | SW Radio Africa. 17 June 2014 by Tichaona Sibanda


The MDC-T will this week role out a program that will see the party embarking on a massive restructuring exercise leading up to the congress in October.

Nelson Chamisa, the party’s national organising secretary, told SW Radio Africa the program will be launched on Wednesday. The exercise will involve the auditing of its structures countrywide, coming soon after the renewal team split from the MDC-T.

Chamisa said all the details will be spelled out on Wednesday. It is believed the restructuring exercise will involve elections of new office bearers from cell, branch, district, provincial and national level.

Party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said preparations for the congress are at an advanced stage and accused former secretary-general Tendai Biti of running scared to participate in the elections, opting for an easy way out by forming his party.

‘At this congress we want the people to choose the leaders they want. We are not worried about the so-called renewal people who are just a bunch of undemocrattic and opportunistic individuals.

‘They wanted to take power through undemocratic means. The MDC has a constitution in terms of which people assume office but (Elton) Mangoma and Biti want to assume power through the back door,’ Mwonzora said.

Political commentator Mutsa Murenje said the party will rejuvenate itself: ‘The party should never impose candidates on the people. People should be allowed to vote for their preferred candidates and if the MDC-T is to revive its misfortunes, they have to be democratic in their restructuring exercise’.

Meanwhile, the renewal team is set to have its disciplinary hearing on Wednesday against MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The renewal team recently charged Tsvangirai with 17 counts of misconduct.

They accuse him of failing to provide ‘competent leadership’ and acting in a manner detrimental to party objectives. However, Mwonzora laughed at the suggestion the renewal team will go ahead with the hearing when Tsvangirai is not a member of their party.

‘They made it clear they are now orange in colour and not red and they will be coming up with a new name for their party soon. One wonders if our President has joined their party because as far as we know he’s still the MDC-T leader and is not part and parcel of the renewal team,’ explained Mwonzora.



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    Tafunuka 8 years ago

    If the Biti team is serious about their option to form a party they must not confuse us by calling Tsvangirai for a hearing because we begin to wonder as to why they still feel attached to Chamatama. To Mr. Biti and company I say be men enough by excluding Tsvangirai’s name in your dreams. Kana maronga kudya imbwa chitodyai riri gono chairo. Musarambe mongotsokodzere panzimbo imwechete sevatambi veMhande. You opted out so play your tune without Tsvangirai. I suspect that you are seeing darkness in the absence of Chamatama.

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      You cant put it any better. Biti and his friends should stop behaving like WINNIE MADIKIZELA-MANDELA, who after divorcing Nelson Mandela, realized how sour life could be without the name MANDELA attached to her.
      Biti should choose, either to go it alone or to become Tendai Biti-Tsvangirai

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    Isu Zvedu 8 years ago

    Biti and Co. expelling themselves. We now know that they have gone orange with the African Continent inscribed in the open palm symbol. What a blessing in disguise. The weevils for the people’s struggle coming out at the right time so that the real MDC can have ample time to prepare for the 2018 elections. Please MDC take this opportunity to re-organise, re-strategise and come out with a more stronger force than before.

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    Thembani 8 years ago

    MDCT has plenty of time to do what they have been. doing over the past.Take your time bloody idio ts. There is no time for some of us who need ZANU gone yersterday.Renewal ndizvo.

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    Truly, Zim’s entire opposition are clueless and have simply added to the terrible suffering that ZPF have brought on the people.

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    Biti should stop talking about Morgan and concentrate on his new party. He knows that no one will listen to him without the mention of Tea Boy.

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    no lets hear the charge sheet…the country needs to know how the struggle had and has been progressing…

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    ngororombe 8 years ago

    If your eyes can’t see the truth then your heart should tell you but it has to be a truthful heart, there are only two camps the genuine democratic camp and the pretenders, anyone is free to join any side but that tells a story, time will tell and your TRUE colours will uncover on day light

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    biti do your own things.leave our chamatama alone.