EU envoy disrespectful to Zimbabweans

via EU envoy disrespectful to Zimbabweans | SW Radio Africa 3 July 2014 by Mthulisi Mathuthu

Harare-based economist Vince Musewe has said EU ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia’s recent comments saying there is ‘no leadership’ crisis in Zimbabwe, showed his lack of respect for Zimbabweans who continue to suffer under Mugabe’s ‘leadership shortcomings.’

Musewe said the comments are a disservice to the push for democracy as they reinforce ‘Mugabe’s arrogance.’ He added that Dell’Ariccia’s remarks will now give Mugabe the belief that he is doing the right thing, something that is both ‘offensive and disrespectful’ to the victims of his misrule.

Writing in his NewsDay newspaper column Musewe said contrary to the EU envoy’s view, Mugabe’s leadership failure was undeniable and was evident even in how he ran his own party, ZANU PF. He wrote: ‘The lack of and fear to attend to the succession planning within ZANU PF has contributed to his leadership failure. Added to this is Mugabe’s refusal to accept that he has failed.’

Musewe wrote that instead of trying to ‘mend what is essentially a corrupt system’ the international community should support the local NGOs whom the EU envoy branded as ‘anti-government’ during his address at a Harare conference. Musewe said the NGOs were doing a good job in holding the government to account.

He added: ‘The foundation of Zimbabwe’s political system is not only rotten but evil to the core and can never develop further.’

In an interview with SW Radio Africa Musewe said: ‘We are still shocked because as you will know we were looking up to the embassies to give support to the push for change and when an ambassador says such statements you become very skeptical as to what his agenda is. Nothing has changed here and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to say that Mugabe is alright and the system is fine and he is keeping the country together.’

Musewe said the EU envoy’s statements have dampened the spirits of the NGOs because they get their funding from the EU and so ‘there is already concern and despondency on the ground.’


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    publicprotector 8 years ago

    More ambassadors need to support our government and oppose the gutter/propaganda press like the journalist here!
    Well done, to the EU envoy ignoring the propaganda and being truthful.
    It illustrates the serious need for more discipline and regulations against this type of journalist.