Mudede’s stance on voters’ roll suspicious

via Mudede’s stance on voters’ roll suspicious | The Financial Gazette by Maggie Mzumara 27 Mar 2014

REPORTS that the Registrar General (RG)’s Office would not be handing over the current voters’ register to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), but that the latter would have to come up with its own, could give credence to allegations that the voters’ roll used in the last election could have been manipulated.

According to the new Constitution, the voters’ roll is now the responsibility of ZEC and not the RG’s Office as provided for by the previous constitution.  Mudede said his office would not be relinquishing the current roll to ZEC.

Chairperson of ZEC, Rita Makarau, responded saying her commission had no locus standi to make Mudede surrender the register as the commission moves to construct a new voters’ roll ahead of the 2018 harmonised polls.

Following the RG’s Office’s reluctance to provide open access of the voters’ roll to stakeholders including other political parties in the run- up to July 2013 harmonised elections, there were allegations that the register had been manipulated and had ghost voters, repetitions and other irregularities.

And when ZANU-PF won the elections, opposition parties cried foul citing manipulation of the voters’ roll by the ruling party with the assistance of an Israeli company, Nikuv, which is said to be an expert in developing registers and other documents of civil registry. Opposition parties have reacted angrily to the stance taken by Mudede.

Douglas Mwonzora, the national spokesperson for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), said while the main opposition party welcomes the construction of a new voters’ roll, it was curious that Mudede would decline handing over the register to his bosses.

“We do not understand why Tobaiwa Mudede must refuse with the voters’ registration.

“The refusal shows that our assertions were true that the voters’ roll was tampered with,” he alleged, adding that any construction of a new voters’ register should be done transparently, otherwise, nothing much would change.

Leader of the Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn party, Simba Makoni, agrees that a fresh voters’ roll may be the best bet for the country. “Mudede’s roll is of no value. We have already raised concerns of it being defective. It was not complete, it not inspected, neither was it verified by other parties as prescribed by the Constitution,” Makoni said. “The value of the current voters’ roll is insignificant. It will be well advised for Makarau to roll out a process to come up with a fresh roll which will give the citizens confidence.”

Some civil society organisations have also weighed in on the stance by the RG, saying not only does it bring to question  the state of the register but that it also undermines ZEC.

“The comments attributed to Mudede regarding the submission of the voters’ roll to ZEC makes sad reading. The statements, if true, raise unnecessary speculation around two major issues that have a bearing on the credibility of past and, potentially, future elections in Zimbabwe,” said Tawanda Chimhini, director of Election Resource Centre — a non-governmental organisation which was founded to service the needs of election stakeholders.

“The first major issue that comes to the fore is the relationship between the Registrar of Voters and the Election Commission,” Chimhini continued, adding, “The statement gives the impression of frosty relations and puts paid to claims that while constitutionally, ZEC should be in full control of elections in Zimbabwe, they are in practice, not.

“Secondly, the position attributed to Mudede, if true, suggests an unwillingness to cooperate in bringing greater transparency to the issue of the voters’ roll. In the absence of full disclosure and sharing of information around elections, there will exists a basis for speculation which then fuels loss of confidence in the bodies that have been running elections in Zimbabwe.”

Further implications coming out of the position attributed to Mudede and the response from Makarau, Chimhini said, “are that Zimbabwe’s already chaos-ridden election processes could be heading towards new and in fact unprecedented disaster levels, that of a country which will have two voters’ rolls, one controlled by the Registrar of Voters and the other by the Election Commission. This is unheard of and ridiculous.”

Given the history of Zimbabwe’s elections, the hope among many has been that going forward it would be a priority for the new government and ZEC to bring sanity to all election associated processes.

However, with the unfolding scenario, it would appear that a credible and acceptable voters’ roll may be a long shot.



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    Chaporonga 9 years ago

    Nderake here Mudede voters’ roll racho. Anorambirei naro, simba racho achiriwanepi. Ngaatibvirepo.

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    A credible transparent voters roll is perhaps the single most important factor for Zimbabwe to achieve democratic governance.

    The powerful non-democratic forces that control Zimbabwe have always and will continue to resist this to the bitter end.

    There is an adage that says – what your opponents resist most is what they fear most. Remember Mugabe’s coarse insults against Lindiwe Zulu when she suggested that Zimbabwe’s elections could be postponed, with SADC support, until there was an acceptable electronic voters roll?

    It is in this context that democratic forces in Zimbabwe should place a maximum focus of the production and dissemination of a credible transparent voters roll.

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    What do you mean by the voters roll could have been defective. Of course it was. Where are us Zimbo’s brains and discernment. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Mudede must go and we must have new elections now!

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    Saddened 9 years ago

    If Z.E.C. has no ‘locus standi’ as regards the 2013 voters roll then who has? Surely Mudede can’t have the sole authority to withhold access to this vital document?

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Tell me, what will keep ZANUPF from rigging the next election exactly as they have done before… polling officials accepting known bogus certificates, and rejecting valid ones… busing to vote in multiple locations… villagers frog-marched to vote according to headmen instructions… pre-marked ballots… Etc.. or, as in 2008, simply inventing numbers at the closed counting.

    Until valid observer teams are engaged in the process, and the rolls are fully vetted before polling, ZANUPF will rule, corruption will continue, and Zim will still not know the fruits of democracy.

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    jobolinko 9 years ago

    why participate without voters roll this time opposition parties must make noise about the voters roll and never budge last time zanu said mdc was in government and they said nothing this time make sure you do the right thing

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    holy moyo 9 years ago

    There is differrence between Udede abd Rita Mkarau..
    They all are mgabe’s puppets…Mkarau is also going to produce a Nikuv crafted and secret voters roll which no one is going to have access to.
    What makes anyone is their right mind believe
    that ZEC is going to be diffrent.They all belong to zanu and do the bidding of this old mummy mugabe and his gang of thugs posing ad a government….