Vast tracts of wildlife land grabbed by party leaders

via Vast tracts of wildlife land grabbed by party leaders | The Zimbabwean by Regerai Tukutuku 20.11.13

In what could be seem as a reward to his cronies, President Mugabe has allowed senior Zanu (PF) members to invade wildlife conservancies at Mwenezi in Masvingo.

The action has led displaced white farmers to once again cry foul over state-sanctioned racism and open discrimination.

The Masvingo provincial lands committee, then chaired by former governor Titus Maluleke, allowed senior party leaders to grab vast tracks of land, covering fragile wildlife sanctuaries, saying the move represented an indelible mark towards black advancement.

The invasions saw several white animal experts deprived of their investment and livelihood. They were ordered either to vacate the sanctuaries or enter into partnerships with new owners, none of whom were of their choice.

The new beneficiaries included Fortune Charumbira, the president of the Zimbabwe Council of Chiefs and a Zanu (PF) fanatic. He grabbed Quagarpen B ranch, a lucrative and professionally run entity, saying it was his natural right to do so.

The other top recipient was Major General Engelbert Rugeje, the army’s chief of staff, now at Wanezi Block in Mwenezi. Former Chivi central legislator Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana, and Attorney-General Johannes Tomana also claimed a large swathe of territory under the scheme.

Masvingo provincial administrator Felix Chikovo confirmed that several party heavyweights had been given vast tracts of land and were now armed with state offer letters as collateral security.

“The land reform exercise is a process. All we have just done is to formalise the whole thing. The offer letters were issued to some of the beneficiaries last week,” he added.

The Commercial Farmers’ Union immediately complained about the manner in which some of their members were being forced to take in senior Zanu (PF) officials as partners in businesses they took decades to develop single-handedly.

“The issue is that white property owners are being forced to incorporate senior Zanu (PF) officials into the wildlife business,” said a senior CFU official. “These partners are just incorporated without paying a single cent, and we are saying no to such daylight robbery.”



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    The rape and plunder and destruction continues – have any of these people ever built anything in their own right? What parasites!

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    Doris 8 years ago

    Again we have built a wonderful nation with the catch-phrase of – you got it, I want it, I take it – and it really isn’t stealing, is it?

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    here we go again, robbing Peter to pay Paul!! What happens when there are no more Peters??

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    Filthy thieves. Nothing more nothing less. Say and do something Sadac and the AU. Fat chance as thieves beget thieved. Africa poked. My word!

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      B.Mathe 8 years ago


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    Angela Wigmore 8 years ago

    When there’s no more wildlife it will undoubtedly be the fault of sanctions! Why oh why oh why can’t the many decent, cultured, intelligent people of Zimbabwe get together and put a stop to this destruction of our once-proud country by the few evil sociopaths?

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    die groot wit aap 8 years ago

    I am sorry Angela, but you cannot ask others to do for you what you will not do for yourselves.

    Mugabe and ZANU are in their final death throws and they know it. Like Saddam Hussein after his defeat in Kuwait, they are leaving with a “scorched earth” policy and will destroy everything that cannot be sold or stolen on the way out, before your new Chinese Master takes over.

    If Mugabe and ZANU want to rule forever, let it be from the inside of the crocodile’s belly.

    If you are to survive, you must learn from the puff-adder. Be invisible, strike silently, swiftly.

    It is your only hope.

    Sweet dreams comrades, sweet dreams.