Iranian firm signs agric, energy pacts

via Iranian firm signs agric, energy pacts | The Herald August 29, 2014

An Iranian technology group, Homa Knowledge and Trading Company, has signed agreements with two Zimbabwean companies to supply agricultural and energy products, a senior official has said.
Homa is a leading company specializing in the export of Iranian Hi-Tech products and services, especially in fields of ICT, agriculture, energy, medicine, medical equipment and dentistry equipment.

The company is exhibiting at the ongoing Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, showcasing some of its products which include seed, pesticides and fertilizers.

“We have spoken to a few Zimbabwean companies and we have agreements with two of them so far,” Homa international affairs specialist Mr Mahdi Hafez said in an interview.

“I have high hopes that within these few days we will be signing an agreement with the private sector to export our products to Zimbabwe through the private sector,” said Mr Hafez.

Homa has also struck some agreements with the Government to bring into the country knowledge based technology.

“At the moment we cannot divulge the identity of the companies that we are in negotiations with. We will only do that once we have signed all agreements,” said Mr Hafez.

Homa wants to support economic development by securing facilities to supply fertilizers, irrigation systems and energy products and state of the art technology for the farming sector. The company will also supply pesticides.

“We have done a few researches on the farms in Zimbabwe and there is an advantage of water and the soil is rich so we have discovered positive prospects in Zimbabwe’s agric sector,” said Mr Hafez.

Introducing modern farming technology will help the country increase food production levels and this will ensure food security.

The company we will be opening offices in Harare soon, according to Mr Hafez.

At the moment Homa is operating in Afghanistan and Iraqi and exporting worldwide.

“We have achieved a lot of knowledge based science and our company is the exporter of knowledge based technology to other countries in different sectors for instance farming sector, energy, medicine and IT sector,” he said.